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Aspen Electronics Ltd

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1-3 Kildare Close,
Eastcote, Ruislip, HA4 9UR

Company Profile

Aspen are the experts in EMF worker safety monitoring. Whether you need a permanent wall mounted EMF alarm system, or a hand-held device Aspen will provide help, advice, and a complaint device to meet the 2013/35-EU directive that becomes law on 1st July 2016.

Working in partnership with Wavecontrol, a world leader in the manufacture of compliant worker safety monitoring equipment, we are advising UK industry on compliant monitoring. The Wavecontrol range of EMF monitoring equipment covers the range 1Hz to 40GHz using just one handheld “base unit” (SMP2) and one of two interchangeable probes. For more information or to book a free demonstration please get in touch.



  • Equipment: Arc Welding - MIG/MAG, GMAW
  • Equipment: Arc Welding - MMAW, SMAW
  • Equipment: Arc Welding - SAW
  • Equipment: Arc Welding - TIG, GTAW
  • Equipment: Cutting - Laser
  • Equipment: Cutting - Plasma
  • Services: Consultancy - H&S Risk Assessment
  • Assessment - EMF worker safety
  • Testing - EMF worker safety

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For more information please email: