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Power - Fossil - Hydropower: Thermal Power

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The thermal power sector is the global leader in power generation and will remain so for the foreseeable future.

In the thermal generating industry, as competitive pressures grow and existing equipment ages, plant life management is increasingly adopted as a means of reducing generating costs. Alongside this the continued increase in demand for electricity means that number of new build thermal plant projects around the world is also growing. Both areas require robust formalised asset management approaches coupled with in-depth materials knowledge for repair and fabrication.

TWI is uniquely placed to offer both a proven asset management methodology and world-class fabrication and repair expertise.

TWI's products and services are aimed at assisting operators or their suppliers to improve plant profitability by addressing needs such as optimised replacement scheduling, extended intervals between overhauls, reduced overhaul costs, and reduced unplanned outages. TWI specialist advice on repair techniques can also help ensure that the optimum balance between cost and plant life is achieved.

For developers and operators involved in plant new build TWI expertise can help avoid expensive, time consuming and potentially dangerous fabrication problems.

TWI has a demonstrable track record in plant life extension, outage optimisation and quality assurance for both new build and repair projects across the world.

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For more information please email: