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Laser welding of aluminium alloys - present and future - Industrial Member Report 795/2004


Laser welding of aluminium alloys - principles and applications

TWI Industrial Member Report Summary 795/2004

Chris Allen undertakes an in-depth review of the applications of laser welded aluminium alloys.


Laser welding of aluminium alloys is considered by many to be problematic due to the material's high surface reflectivity, thermal conductivity, and perceived poor fusion weldability. This review will show that the limitations are being overcome through process, alloy and filler developments. Laser welding of aluminium alloys is becoming established in a variety of applications, such as body in white assembly of aluminium alloy panels, aluminium alloy components in cars, assembly of fuselage and wing skin panels in civil aircraft, and production of panel structures in the shipbuilding industry.


To review the current and potential future production applications of laser welding in aluminium alloys in different industry sectors.

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