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Burak Serhat Sakarya

Wed, 15 January, 2020

Student Name

Burak Serhat Sakarya

Research Title

Design of composite pressure vessels with built-in leak-before-break capability


Leak-before-break, composite pressure vessels, progressive damage modelling, simulation led design


Lloyd's Register Foundation

Affiliated University

Brunel University London


Dr Vasiliki Loukodimou, Dr Mihalis Kazilas, (TWI Ltd), Dr Nenad Djordjevic (Brunel University)

Start Date

15 January 2020

Project Outline

The aim of the project is to develop a quantitative conceptual design methodology for composite pressure vessels with inherited Leak-Before-Break capability.

The concept will be based on the design of an artificial damage present in the structure, which will prevent the catastrophic failure of composite pressure vessels during their service life and enable taking preventative actions to avoid casualties and financial losses.

The development of a validated small-scale specimen approach will replace a number of experiments at vessel scale thus leading to the reduction of manufacturing times and costs in the vessels’ design phase which will be a significant industrial benefit.

Another outcome of this research will be the development of a validated robust analytical tool to support rapid investigation of the composite structure during the preliminary design process.


Numerical modelling of damage in composite materials for different damage mechanisms