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  • Event: Welding and Repair of High Temperature Plant

Event: Welding and Repair of High Temperature Plant

Tue, 09 February, 2021

Global Technical Webinar: Welding and Repair of High Temperature Plant

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The Welding Institute’s Joining Technical Group is hosting an online event titled, ‘Welding and Repair of High Temperature Plant,’ on the 16 March, 2021 from 9:30 AM to 12:30 PM (UK time).

What is this webinar about?

This event will look at one of the major objectives within the process plant and power generation industries; being the need to reduce life costs. It will consider methods by which this objective can be achieved, including an exploration of life extension by means of both repair and replacement and the use of materials with enhanced performance.

Image courtesy of TWI Ltd
Image courtesy of TWI Ltd


The event will focus on the welding and repair of high temperature steels, specifically within the context of the following programmed topics:

  • Cladding of pressure vessels
  • Welding and weld repair of creep resistant steels, including the P/T91and MarBn steels
  • Welding repair strategies for high temperature plant
  • Orbital welding for repair and replacement and the welder apprenticeship “Trailblazer” standards for the next generation of welders

About The Welding Institute and its Technical Group Meetings

The Welding Institute is the leading professional engineering institution for the professional registration of welding and joining personnel. Its Technical Group Meetings are events arranged and hosted by The Welding Institute as part of a broad range of events promoted and supported by TWI Ltd.

Registration Fees:

  • Students/Retired Members: £25 + VAT (£30)
  • Non-Members: £95 + VAT (£114)
  • Professional Members of The Welding Institute: £25 + VAT (£30)
  • Industrial Members of TWI: £25 + VAT (£30)

How does it benefit NSIRC students?

Registration fees for non-Members and students includes a full and discounted Associate Membership (AWeldI) of The Welding Institute for a year.

Why become a Member of The Welding Institute?

  • Professional Membership of The Welding Institute offers industry professional recognition
  • This is a discounted Standard/Student Associate Membership price
  • Membership includes access to Welding Institute Member-only branch and technical events

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