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TWI Expert to Speak at Anti-Graffiti Workshop

Fri, 05 March, 2021

TWI has been assisting with project management and providing consultancy for the Innovate UK-funded PRISTINE IUK Project. As part of this work, TWI Technology Fellow, Alan Taylor is due to partake in a workshop titled, ‘How to Solve the Graffiti Problem’ on 11 March. This is the second workshop to be held, following an initial event on 2 March, with assistance also provided by TWI Senior Project Leader, Anna Wojdyla-Cieslak.

Alan Taylor
Alan Taylor
Anna Wojdyla-Cieslak
Anna Wojdyla-Cieslak

The collaborative project has seen TWI supporting the London South Bank University’s (LSBU) Advanced Resins and Coatings Technologies Innovation Centre to develop a durable paint repellent coating for anti-graffiti protection. The project is being led by EpiValence and includes fellow partners Teal and Mackrill Ltd.

The project has been developing a durable, paint-repellent coating that will offer improved environmental resistance and easier cleaning characteristics with greener materials. This is being achieved by the incorporation of novel functional additives into coating resins to create a durable hydrophobic and oleophobic coating composed of multiple-functionalised silica nanoparticles.

The aim is to reduce the anti-social behaviour associated with graffiti as well as reducing the time and effort taken to clean graffiti while also saving on the cost of removal. This would have a far-reaching impact on industry sectors, including rail, construction and automotive.

Aside from the anti-graffiti applications, PRISITINE technology offers anti-stain, anti-scratch, fire resistance, corrosion resistance and barrier properties, which could find applications outside of anti-graffiti use.

The upcoming PRISTINE Project workshop is to be attended by representatives from Network Rail and Highways England.


The “Super durable paint-repellent coating for long life anti-graffiti protection” Project (PRISTINE) has received funding from Innovate UK Smart grants programme – project number 34741

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