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TWI to hold free Welding and Joining Exhibition

TWI are holding the UK’s largest exhibition dedicated to welding and joining at our headquarters near Cambridge on 22 May, 2019.

TWI has a rich history of developing and advancing welding and joining processes, making us one of the world’s leading authorities in this area.

Among the many breakthroughs made by TWI was the development of pulsed control technology for arc welding processes, which led to benefits for MIG and TIG welding, including offering better control of the processes.

Another innovation from TWI was the creation of pre-programmable arc welding, which allowed pre-determined welding conditions to be stored, so that work could be automated and performed in hazardous environments without the need for human intervention.

TWI also advanced transistor control technology, which allowed for the precise control of welding power supplies, while the creation of techniques such as friction stir welding and linear friction welding have offered numerous benefits for industry.

Elsewhere, TWI’s work with electron beam welding saw the creation of high-power electron beam welding, which allowed for the joining of thicker sections. Previously this was limited to sections that were just 12mm thick. Electron beam capabilities were extended further in the 1990s, when TWI invented reduced pressure electron beam welding, using a locally sealed chamber to allow for the welding of larger parts.

TWI's Andy Woloszyn on the UK Welding and Joining Exhibition

Sharing knowledge, having input into standards development, and progressing the future of welding and joining continues to be a focus for TWI, and this can be clearly seen through our annual Welding Exhibition.

Following up on the success of last year’s event, the 2019 UK Welding and Joining Exhibition will once-again feature a range of equipment and consumable manufacturers who will be on hand to demonstrate their products. The event will also offer joining and surface engineering demonstrations which will provide advice on how to improve your productivity and quality.

In addition to this, engineering experts and scientists will be available for you to arrange meetings in order to discuss technical challenges and production goals, while there will also be opportunities to explore career and skills development with staff from The Welding Institute and TWI Training and Certification.

TWI’s expertise has given us a unique position among many of the world’s leading companies, so we can unite the best in industry as part of our Industrial Membership programme.

The exhibition will also provide an opportunity to investigate the full range of services and support provided to TWI Industrial Members.

Paul Woollin, TWI’s Research Director, said, “The welding exhibition presents an opportunity to explore the latest joining process innovations and technologies on offer from TWI and our extensive network of OEM Members”.

Paul added that, “The day will include opportunities to seek advice of direct relevance to your own operations from a broad range of experts from both TWI and our Members, whether it is in relation to equipment and materials, procedure optimisation, or honing the skills of you and your company”.

He concluded, “The event is an ideal opportunity to add value to the joining aspect of your business and I look forward to welcoming you to our state-of-the-art Granta Park facilities.”

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