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TrainNDT is an ultrasound training simulation package, replacing expensive, heavy defect samples with plastic replicas and software models.

As the student scans the replica with a wireless dummy probe, the system displays a real time A-scan generated from the software model containing flaws. The student is able to characterise and size indications and results are recorded and stored.

The package uses full size mock-ups of test pieces and probes made from plastic. The test samples are turned into software models containing signals from real flaws and tracking software wirelessly monitors the relative positions of the probe and sample. This allows the real time A-scan data to be displayed based on the probe position and orientation with respect to sample geometry and flaws. New samples can easily be simulated in the software by changing the positions, orientation and size of flaws in the software model.

This delivers several advantages, including:

  • An almost infinite number of sample models can be produced and saved without the high cost of metallic samples containing real flaws
  • Reduces the burden and cost of transporting heavy metallic samples
  • Provides access to a wider range of flaws, especially in-service flaws
  • Allows tutors to share live scan data with all trainees
  • Tracking and recording of trainee’s scanning behaviour, for example probe position and orientation
  • Reduced cost of expensive probes and test equipment