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Library Services at TWI

TWI exists to give Member companies trustworthy expert advice, enabling them to make better informed decisions, often in critical circumstances. Trustworthy advice needs to be underpinned by equally solid information and, for over 70 years, TWI’s library has provided just that by building a unique collection of resources that comprises the world’s knowledge of materials, joining and integrity.

TWI Information Services

Staffed by a team of six information professionals, today’s library continues this same mission in the digital age. Despite (or perhaps because of) the abundance of information this has heralded, demand for the library’s exclusive Member-only resources and services is at unprecedented levels. With focus sharpening on the integrity and trustworthiness of freely-available online information, it seems that when a critical engineering decision has to be made, Members want the assurance of information that is unbiased, complete, comprehensive, exclusive and backed by technical experts. This is what TWI’s library offers. 

Like TWI itself, the range of enquiries that come to the library is very broad. Examples from this year alone include:

  • Find current and historical data for domestic and industrial electricity costs across multiple power generation technologies
  • Composition and mechanical properties of Soviet-era Russian pipeline steel
  • Cross-sector 'state of the art' survey of particular additive manufacturing technologies
  • The effect on mechanical properties of over-matched welds
  • References on welding two dissimilar steel grades


The library’s resources include:

  • ~ 20,000 books, eBooks and conference proceedings
  • ~250,000 abstracted scientific papers in Weldasearch
  • Current and archived British, European, American and global design codes and standards
  • Materials properties databases for metallic and non-metallic materials
  • Unpublished research reports from TWI and beyond

For more information please email: