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Plastics and Composites Industry News


Prodrive's solution to composite recycling

Prodrive Composites has developed a process for manufacturing recyclable composite components that can satisfy future end-of-life requirements without compromising the performance of the original parts. Interviews John McQuilliam FIMMM, Chief Engineer at Prodrive Composites and board member of the British Composites Society, on these developments. Questions included: Could you explain a little more about the type of projects Prodrive Composites is working on; it appears that processes to manufacture carbon fibre have moved faster than those for recycling it - are there still challenges when it comes to end of life recycling of carbon fibre parts; can you envisage cheaper, easier-to-form alternatives to carbon fibre; what new and potential automotive applications are there for composites; is increased structural use of composites on the horizon; and which automotive applications are the most promising for 'smart materials'?

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