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Welding Standards Ask the Experts Webinar

Webinars 30 May 2019

ISO and ASME Welding Qualifications: Ask the experts

Free Webinar - 1pm-2pm UK Time

The qualification of welding procedures and personnel, typically via welding and testing, is essential to ensure that welded products meet the desired requirements and properties. Welding qualifications of structural or safety-critical components are normally carried out to national or international standards, such as the ISO 15614 series, ISO 9606 series and Section IX of the ASME B&PV Code. To quote the latter: codes and standards are not handbooks and “cannot replace education, experience, and the use of engineering judgment”. So, the application of such standards requires a degree of interpretation and may raise difficult questions. Marcello Consonni, TWI’s Consultant Welding Engineer and member of national and international committees on welding qualifications, will be at hand to answer them alongside his colleague, Andy Brightmore, Software Business Development.

This webinar is relevant to welding engineers, welding inspectors, auditors and users of welding codes and standards in general.

Please submit your questions via this form for guaranteed answers during the webinar. You will also be able to submit questions during the webinar but these will be answered on a first-come first-served basis, depending on the time available. 


Meet the team

Marcello Consonni

Principal Project Leader – Arcs Welding

Marcello joined TWI in 2006, working in the Fracture Integrity and Arc Welding sections, after a four-year experience as a metallurgist/welding engineer with a pressure vessel manufacturer. Marcello holds a MEng in Materials Engineering from Politecnico in Milan. He specialises in welding engineering consultancy, support with the application of welding codes and standards and welding of high-temperature materials. He has published over ten peer-reviewed publications and conference papers and actively participates in many national and international codes and standards committees, including those covering the ISO 15614 and ISO 9606 series, ASME BPVC Section and Afcen committees.

Andy Brightmore

Software Business Development Manager

Andy started at TWI in 1985 and has worked with welding software products since then. Andy sells, support and provides training for TWI's welding software products. Andy knows welding standards very well, from which he derive rules for inclusion into the software.

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