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Webinar on the Launch of ASPIRE Software

Webinars 17 March 2020

TWI FREE WEBINAR: Launch of ASPIRE Software at 3pm UK Time

Brief introduction of theme of event

As life extension projects see many oil wells being used beyond their design life, ensuring the structural integrity of critical components to prevent unexpected failures has become more important than ever. Whilst there are a number inspection techniques and assessment methodologies that can be used for integrity management (IM) of upstream assets, there are some specific offshore oil and gas upstream assets that demand a customised and innovative approach to their IM. Where upstream assets are usually inspected regularly, offshore oil and gas assets can be ignored for several years until a critical stage for safety and business is reached.

TWI and collaborative partners have developed a probabilistic software product, ASPIRE, to deliver results to owners relating to risk and the probability of failure. This provides inspection recommendations for mitigation actions that would allow assets to remain in service within the period of acceptable risk. This comprehensive approach to structural integrity assessment will substantially reduce the cost of inspection.

Benefits of attending event

The event will introduced this newly developed state-of-the-art software for integrity assessment of conductors which:

  • Integrates the collection, management and analysis of inspection data to provide RBI and repair decision making for upstream assets
  • Provides a software package with a fundamental of probabilistic approach that can easily be customised to include limit state equation for any particular damage type as well as different consequence scenarios

What type of audience should attend?

  • Asset owners: Operators (upstream)
  • Structural integrity consultants
  • Inspection experts


Payam Jamshidi - Manager – Asset Integrity Management

Payam Jamshidi

Manager – Asset Integrity Management

Payam joined TWI in 2013 as a Chartered Engineer in the Asset Integrity Management section, and since then he has managed a range of projects related to asset integrity management. His main area of work is on Risk Based Inspection (RBI,) and reliability assessment of oil and gas assets operating in offshore or onshore environments. Payam is also product leader for TWI’s Risk-Based Inspection (RBI) software RiskWISE®.

Prior to working for TWI, Payam obtained undergraduate and master degrees, and a PhD at University of London, in Materials Science and Engineering. He also held the role of Chief Technical Officer for the National Composites Certification and Evaluation Facility (NCCEF), University of Manchester.

Dr-Ing Konrad Reber - Director of Research and Development

Dr-Ing Konrad Reber

Director of Research and Development
Innospection Germany GmbH

Konrad Reber studied physics at the University of Mainz with a focus on Solid State Physics. In a Ph.D. thesis at the material science department of the University of Erlangen, he worked in the field of magnetic materials, in particular the measurement of material parameters using magnetic stray flux methods. At Pipetronix he was responsible for the development of data analysis algorithms for the application to MFL-pipeline inspections. Later he also became responsible for the magnetic design of MFL-inspection pigs. After changing to NDT Systems & Services he continued to work in the field of in-line inspection and broadened his focus to include topics of defect assessment and general comparison methods of different inspection tools.

Between 2006 and 2008 he was with TUVRheinland as an expert within the Pipeline Technology Group. He was responsible for international projects on pipeline integrity and pipeline certification. Since 2008 he is head of research and development for the Innospection Group. The department is responsible for designing new inspection equipment for the Oil and Gas industry. His focus is on the development and refinement of testing technologies with applications for underwater or otherwise difficult to inspect structures. He is busy in delivering speeches on conferences and is a trainer in various courses on pipeline inspection.

Sebastian Hartmann - Sales and Business Development Manager

Sebastian Hartmann

Sales and Business Development Manager
Innospection Germany GmbH

Sebastian Hartmann is a trained Mechanical Engineer with more than 20 years experience in the pipeline industry. His main expertise is with the development, adaptation, deployment and operation of highly automated inspection solutions for both applications, internal and external. Through his position as a Business Development Manager with Innospection he has worked on a number of complex topsides and subsea inspection projects to ensure flexible pipe and riser integrity.

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