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Webinar on Computational Fluid Dynamics

Webinars 02 April 2019

Computational Fluid Dynamics (CFD) is increasingly being used in the Aerospace, Automotive, Marine, Nuclear, Oil & Gas and Medical device sectors to solve engineering, design, and structural integrity challenges.

To support Members in these areas, TWI provides CFD services for consultancy and R&D activities. Over the years, CFD capabilities have improved to the point where complex industrial processes, such as Additive Manufacturing, Cold/Thermal Spray, and Welding/Joining can be accurately reproduced providing improved insights into their physics. Phenomena such as Departure from Nucleate Boiling (DNB) can be predicted to assure integrity, while thermal-hydraulic performance of AM heat exchangers can be evaluated for further efficiency optimisation.

This webinar will provide an overview of CFD activities at TWI.

Meet the team

Tyler London

Regional Team Manager – Numerical Modelling and Optimisation

Tyler joined the Numerical Modelling and Optimisation section of TWI in 2011 after obtaining an MSc in Mathematical Modelling & Scientific Computing from the University of Oxford. He specialises in engineering analysis: applying mathematical modelling and finite element analysis to support research, product development and failure investigations related to structural integrity and materials performance. Tyler is a Chartered Engineer, Chartered Mathematician, Chartered Scientist and a NAFEMS-certified, advanced-level Professional Simulation Engineer. He has published over 20 peer-reviewed publications and conference papers, and actively participates in many national and international codes and standards committees including BS 7910 residual stress, R6 weld modelling guidelines, and the EN 13094 FEA sub-group.

Alessio Basso

Project Leader - Numerical Modelling and Optimisation

Alessio has joined the NMO Group at TWI in October 2018, as a Project Leader. He has obtained his Master's Degree in Aerospace Engineering in 2011 with dissertation in CFD-BEM Validation for Vertical Wind Turbines (VWT). Subsequently, Alessio enrolled to the annual, 9-month, Research Master course in Fluid Dynamics at Von Karman Institute, Belgium, where attended and passed examinations on Experimental Measurements and Computational Methods in Fluid Dynamics. In 2013 Alessio joined the University of Nottingham where he worked on Turbulent Flow Control (TFC) finalised to skin friction reduction, and where he achieved the Master of Phylosophy Degree in Mechanical Engineering. In 2017 Alessio worked in CFD methodology on multiphase flows at Teesside University, where he developed and improved performances of current microbubble aeration systems.

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