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Updates on Electron Beam and Surfi-Sculpt Processes

Webinars 28 November 2019

TWI FREE WEBINAR: Updates on Electron Beam and Surfi-Sculpt® Processes at 3pm UK Time

Is it for me?

This webinar is suitable for anyone working in fields related to surface modification and the improvement of functional performance. This includes designers, engineers and manufacturers of customised complex geometrical surfaces (such as heat exchangers or orthopaedic implants) who are looking to achieve this rapidly and at a low-cost to improve the functional performance of a surface. 

This webinar will provide an update on activities relating to the electron beam texturing (EBT) and Surfi-Sculpt® processes. These processes are transformative surface modification technologies since they are neither additive nor subtractive but rely on a power beam to redistribute existing material.

Benefits of attending

  • Greater understanding of the EBT and Surfi-Sculpt processes
  • Gain insight on two application specific case studies with industrially relevant test data for heat exchangers and orthopaedic implants
  • The new control software being developed for the EBT and Surfi-Sculpt processes will be showcased.

Who should attend? 

  • Engineers
  • Designers of surfaces requiring structural surface modification
  • Manufacturers
  • Existing electron beam machine users
  • Existing scanning electron microscope users



Tom Pinto - Principal Project Leader, EBD

Tom Pinto

Principal Project Leader, EBD

Tom Pinto is a Senior Medical Project Engineer in the Electron Beam Processes Section having joined TWI in 2007. Tom started in the Business Process Support (BPS) section of the Manufacturing Support Group (MSG) as a Medical Project Engineer.

His work at TWI has included:

· Development of Surfi-Sculpt through SCP and collaborative projects.

· A 3 yr TSB sponsored collaborative project addressing the issue of stress shielding in orthopaedic implants.

· Technology translator for Innovative Manufacturing Research Centres, co-authored scoping study of health sector & developing workshops/project management for NHS National Innovation Centre.

Tom is also studying an Engineering Doctorate at the University of Warwick focused on ‘Using Surfi-Sculpt® for Next Generation Orthopaedic Implants’.

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