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TWI Inspection Challenges in the Conventional Power Industry

Seminars 15 May 2019

TWI Inspection Challenges in the Conventional Power Industry

Inspection of conventional fuel (coal/gas/oil) power plant is often challenging. There is an increasing need to minimise unplanned and routine outage time for inspections, whilst maximising generation profit margins in today complex electricity market. Power plant is a labyrinth of high temperature pipework, furnace and turbine components and associated support structures, with access often restricted. There is a need within the industry for a focus group to share technical challenges and experiences across the sector and with other industries, with a long term aim to improve existing inspection procedures and developed novel technologies for the future.

This workshop will focus on technical challenges faced by the industry, with operator and vendor experiences, and new research for improving inspection outcomes in the future.

  • Learn about the operational challenges faced by other companies and network with fellow professionals working directly in the operation of conventional fuel power plant
  • Participate in informal technical discussions with companies facing similar operational issues
  • Opportunity to steer future research and development to address the operational inspection challenges faced when inspecting conventional fuel power plant

A programme will be released shortly but in the meantime, you can register Free of Charge.





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