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Terex Materials Processing Exclusive Webinar

Webinars 30 June 2022

Terex Materials Processing Exclusive Webinar: FEA - In-situ post-weld heat-treatment of pressure vessels and related structural stability process Modelling at TWI

Computational engineering enables predictions about how materials, components and structures behave from design and fabrication to operation and end-of-life. Used effectively, modelling and simulation can:

  • de-risk complicated test programmes;
  • minimise trial-and-error experimentation;
  • provide greater insight into what is happening to components over simple instrumentation;
  • and enable more accurate estimations of the safe operating life after long-term use or unexpected damage.

In this presentation, TWI will present a range of case studies and examples where using targeted modelling and simulation activities provided added-value to industrial challenges by saving costs, time, and greater confidence in integrity and performance of engineering components.


Tyler London - Technology Fellow / Section Manager – Numerical Modelling and Optimisation

Tyler London

Technology Fellow / Section Manager – Numerical Modelling and Optimisation

Tyler is responsible for computational engineering activities at TWI: developing mathematical models and applying engineering analysis techniques to support R&D, consultancy, product development, and failure investigation.

Tyler’s main areas of focus are related to manufacturing process simulations, fracture and fatigue assessments, and numerical optimisation. He is a Chartered Engineer, Chartered Mathematician, Chartered Scientist and NAFEMS-certified Professional Simulation Engineer. Tyler supports multiple national and international codes and standards including the UK Nuclear structural integrity code R6 (weld modelling guidelines committee), British Standard 7910 (strain-based design and assessment committee), EN 13094 (FEA committee), and the NAFEMS Working Group on Manufacturing Process Simulation. Tyler has published more than 40 journal articles and conference papers and was part of TWI’s team that received first prize for residual stress predictions in the NIST International AM Benchmark competition.

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