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Sellafield Exclusive Webinar

Webinars 02 November 2021

Sellafield Exclusive Webinar: Smarter Remote Laser Dismantling, Size reduction and Decontamination


TWI have been involved in and are the leaders in the development of laser based remote nuclear decommissioning and waste management technologies. TWI have successfully deployed these technologies at Sellafield and Magnox sites in the UK and are working with Tier 1 and 2 suppliers to help them deploy these technologies globally.  

The efficiencies and capabilities of this single non-contact decommissioning tool has been successfully used to dismantle, size reduce and decontaminate non-contaminated, irradiated and contaminated components (Reactor Pressure Vessel, dissolver vessels/tanks, pipe works, structural support components and concrete) to deliver the most cost effective and safe decommission solutions. 

The laser cutting technology is now being used to dismantle and size-reduce several reprocessing plants, research reactor, and legacy wastes at Sellafield and Magnox sites. The technology is now considered as the baseline for most dismantling programmes and is being readily adapted globally by nuclear establishments as a preferred solution. TWI have also developed the same technology to be transferred for remote underwater dismantling of structures, both for nuclear and offshore sectors. 


A single fast, non-contact remote cutting tool can be used for multiple tasks. Can cut variety of complex geometries and material accurately. Decontaminate concrete, and produces very low secondary waste. The tool is compact and light requiring less expensive manipulators. By using a different laser source most material surfaces can be to decontaminate efficiently. The combined decontamination and size reduction technologies can provide the cheaper, faster and safer decommissioning solution required by the NDA estate.

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Meet the team

Ali Khan - Principal Project Leader – Lasers

Ali Khan

Principal Project Leader – Lasers

Dr Ali Khan is a principal project leader at TWI. He is in charge of all aspects of the development of laser material processing and applications and has been instrumental in the development of laser technology for decommissioning applications at TWI. He has successfully led many research and development projects for TWI Members and recently worked closely with Magnox Ltd to deploy a first-of-a-kind automated remote laser cutting facility at Hinkley Point A nuclear power station.

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