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Select Plant: An Overview and Applications of NDT

Webinars 30 June 2022

Select Plant Hire Exclusive Webinar: Non-Destructive Testing: Overview and Applications

This webinar will provide an overview of the common methods used for the testing of material and welds for manufacturing and assessing quality of components. It will show some of the advantages and disadvantages that these methods have and their applications to common materials and assemblies. Opportunities will be given to ask questions on application to particular assemblies and discuss suitability.


Capucine Carpentier - Section Manager - NDT

Capucine Carpentier

Section Manager - NDT

Capucine joined TWI in 2006 and she is involved in many projects for the development and implementation of the full spectrum of non-destructive testing, and the development of innovative inspection solutions. Capucine is the Section Manager of the NDT Section in TWI and she is leading a team of inspection engineers capable of analysing inspection challenges and developing an inspection solution using the latest knowledge and inspection technology. The NDT Section aims to provide support to TWI Member companies in the development of NDT technology, in the delivery of inspection solutions and in the validation and qualification of inspection processes.

Ameni Lounissi - Membership Sector Manager, C&E

Ameni Lounissi

Membership Sector Manager, C&E

Membership Sector Manager, C&E

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