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Safran Exclusive Webinar

Webinars 10 February 2021

Safran Exclusive Webinar:
Welding, Joining and Associated Technologies for Polymers and Composites

The consideration, and use, of polymers and composites is growing steadily across many industrial sectors, from transport and construction through to energy. Aerospace is one of several major industries generating new markets and technological challenges for these materials. This growth is driven by macro factors such as Carbon reduction, material efficiencies, and design, durability and functionality in products and structures. For example; A widely used engineering polymer is “PEEK” (Polyetheretherketone), which has found some niche applications due its high robustness and performance, such as in bearings, piston parts, pumps, HPLC columns, compressor valves and oil rigs Polymers and composites can be joined by welding, adhesive bonding and mechanical fastening. The choice of process is affected by the material to be joined, the joint configuration, the strength of joint required, the level of seal required, the process cost and speed, and the production quantity.

This presentation will give an overview of joining techniques for polymers and composites, with a including their joining with other materials, especially metals. Recent developments in surface engineering for improved functionality, and “Smart Composites”, will also be demonstrated. The talk will highlight the potential benefits of implementing these processes in next-generation manufacturing.

Continuing Professional Development 

TWI awards points towards CPD for delegates attending this webinar. Every hour attendance of a webinar will earn 2 points towards your continuing professional development.

Please contact Becki Parratt if you require a certificate of attendance towards your continuing professional development.  


Dr. Chris Worrall  - Consultant – Polymer Composite Technologies

Dr. Chris Worrall

Consultant – Polymer Composite Technologies

Chris is responsible for delivering composites joining, manufacture, processing and testing services to TWI’s Members and through public funded projects. He has spent 10 years in Japan working in the automotive, aerospace, renewable energy and rail transport industries. Before leaving the UK, he worked in a research laboratory on the processing of novel thermoplastic composite materials, improving the toughness of composites, and developing test methods for composite materials.

His 35 years of composites expertise covers; mechanical testing of composite materials (including impact, fracture and toughness), composite-metal joining, thermoplastic composite welding, microstructure characterisation, finite element analysis (FEA), design, and manufacturing technology for composite materials.

Chris was a participating member of ESIS TC4 and worked on the development of the protocol for Mode I DCB ISO standard between 1994 and 1999.Chris holds a PhD in the field of impact of composite sandwich structures in addition to a BSc in metallurgy and materials science. Chris was the lead author of the Composites UK’s ‘Good Practice Guide to composite joining’ publication, and was part of the SurFlow™ team at TWI that recently won a Composites Association Innovation award.

Chris Wiseman - Industry Sector Manager - Corporate Development

Chris Wiseman

Industry Sector Manager - Corporate Development

Chris Wiseman is Corporate Sector Manager at TWI Ltd, for both the Aerospace and Equipment, Consumables & Materials sectors. He also has a specific geographic responsibility for TWI Industrial Members in India and in supporting TWI’s exciting growth there.

As a Materials Scientist, over many years, he has contributed to a number of technologies, including, corrosion prevention, thermo-mechanical forming, novel testing, process optimisation, joining and surface treatments.

Today his role is focused on developing technical and commercial opportunities for TWI and its Industrial Members around the World.  

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