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Robots or Gantries? Friction Stir Welding of Complex Joints

Webinars 21 April 2021

Manual FSW is not an option. However, the selection of the right FSW system is difficult, and the impacts on investment costs and productivity can be significant. Robots have become a common solution for electric vehicle battery trays and for complex geometries, but how do they compare to gantries and other systems?

During this webinar, hosted by Dr Jeroen De Backer, you will learn more about the latest innovations in heavy-duty robotic systems, serial and parallel kinematic designs, synergies between FSW and machining, and how innovations in sensory feedback can improve the robot capabilities.

Along with system innovations, you will learn about FSW process innovations for thin section joints, such as Stationary Shoulder, CornerStir, AdStir and CoreFlow, widening the application area of FSW and improving the reliability and repeatability of FSW joints. Finally, some novel joint designs and industrial applications could give inspiration on how to take benefit of complex FSW joints for your application.

Who should attend?

  • Design, manufacturing and procurement engineers, developing structural aluminium application such as battery trays, heat exchangers, hydrogen storage tanks, metallic fuselage etc.
  • System suppliers and robot integrators supporting industries such as automotive, aerospace, marine, energy, thermo-fluid systems and electronics.


Jeroen De Backer - Principal Project Leader - Technology

Jeroen De Backer

Principal Project Leader - Technology

Jeroen is a Principal Project Leader in the Friction and Forge Process Department at TWI Technology Centre (Yorkshire). Jeroen joined TWI in 2014 and has been working with robotic friction stir welding for over 10 years.

He obtained Master of Science in Industrial Engineering from KU Leuven, Belgium and a PhD in production technology from University West, Sweden, titled ‘Feedback control of robotic friction stir welding’.

Jeroen was also Project Leader in the EU FP7 FlexiFab project, developing a robotic FSW system for the benefit of European SMEs. He has also participated on national publicly funded projects in the United Kingdom and Sweden and is currently project coordinator for the EU Horizon 2020 Clean Sky 2 – OASIS project, developing friction stir welding and laser beam welding for metallic aero-structures.

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