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Reaction Engines Webinar on AM Technology at TWI

Webinars 04 October 2022

Reaction Engines Exclusive Webinar: Additive Manufacturing Technology at TWI

TWI Laser based additive manufacturing activities span from small to very large component manufacture using powder bed fusion and directed energy deposition technologies, and sometimes combined for hybrid manufacturing.  All of this work is underpinned by our Lloyds Register facility qualification and the work we do towards understanding requirements for part certification.  This presentation will work through a user case study highlighting some of the geometrical, material and computational aspects that need to be considered leading up to a successful build.  A summary of a recent study into the costs and requirements of part certification will also be conveyed

There will be a Q&A session after the presentation and TWI is happy to run a more in depth webinar on the above technology, if requested by Reaction Engines staff.


Carl Hauser - Section Manager and Technology Consultant, Laser Additive Manufacturing

Carl Hauser

Section Manager and Technology Consultant, Laser Additive Manufacturing

Dr Carl Hauser joined TWI in June 2010 and is section manager and technology consultant in the Laser Additive Manufacturing (LAM) section. Carl has been involved in additive manufacturing for more than 25 years. Carl steers technical strategy for both PBF-LB and DED-L and still conducts some experimental research in large scale AM. This includes the development of certification procedures and CAM software tools for DED-L processing.

Carl has published over 30 scientific conference and journal papers, has given many keynote presentations on Additive Manufacturing, and is an expert reviewer for several international additive manufacturing journals. Carl also sits on the advisory committee for the International SFF Symposium, held annually in Austin, Texas. Carl is a chartered engineer and has attained Fellow status with The Welding Institute.

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