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Polymer Welding Activities at TWI

Webinars 19 May 2021

Polymers are now used in almost every industry sector and increasingly for structural or critical applications. Most of these applications involve joining polymer parts, either to themselves or to other materials.

TWI has been carrying out research and consultancy in polymer joining for Industrial Member companies since the mid-1980s.

This webinar will describe the main areas of expertise in polymer joining at TWI, including materials and welding process selection, welding procedures, joint design, mechanical testing, microstructural analysis and the development of flaw acceptance criteria. The webinar will also include a number of case studies.

Of particular interest to companies that manufacture welded plastic components, this event is suitable for:

  • Welding Engineers
  • Design Engineers
  • QA Engineers

If you are interested in the event but unable to attend, you can receive a recording of the webinar and a copy of the presentation.

Please bear in mind that you will need to register to receive this.


Mike Troughton - Technology Fellow

Mike Troughton

Technology Fellow

Mike Troughton joined TWI in 1993 after gaining a PhD in Polymer Physics and working in the plastics industry for seven years. He is Technology Fellow/Technology Manager in the Novel Polymer Technology Section, responsible for co-ordinating all R&D, consultancy and training activities in the area of plastics welding. His main areas of expertise include the welding, inspection and mechanical testing of plastics products, on which he has written over 30 technical papers. He is also the editor of the Handbook of Plastics Joining – A Practical Guide.

He has managed over 150 research and consultancy projects for clients all over the world. He is a Chartered Engineer and a Fellow of The Welding Institute. He is also the Chairman of the British standards committee on plastics welding, the convenor of the ISO working group on plastics welding and is the UK Principal Expert in CEN on plastics welding. 


Scott Andrews - Principal Project Leader, Novel Polymer Technologies Section

Scott Andrews

Principal Project Leader, Novel Polymer Technologies Section

Scott is currently working as a principal project leader in the novel polymer technologies section at TWI. Scott has been involved in plastics welding research for over 20 years. His primary role is to lead and deliver research projects relating to plastics welding, typically providing plastics welding consultancy for medical and automotive products (in particular joint design for welding), proof of welding feasibility, plastics welding troubleshooting, welding machine specification and validation for entering production.

In addition, Scott manages the day-to-day running of TWI’s Plastics Welder Training and Examinations business, and is currently a CSWIP approved Plastics Welding Examiner.

Scott’s areas of expertise covers all plastics welding processes - in particular ultrasonic welding, plastics welding equipment, analysis of plastic welds, plastic materials - including high-temperature thermoplastics as well as wood welding and wood polymer composite welding. Scott has successfully led many small to large polymer welding projects for a variety of applications, across a number of industry sectors (medical, automotive, power, aerospace, oil and gas, construction).

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