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Kuala Lumpur Oil and Gas Industry Panel Meeting

Webinars 07 February 2023

Oil and Gas Industry Panel Meeting

Time: 08.30-16.15 Malaysia

TWI has operated Industry Panel Meetings for a number of years and these are a forum for O&G stakeholders to meet to address some of the key technical challenges common to most of the industry. The aim is to share knowledge across the industry and for TWI to gain further insight as to how we can better align ourselves with industry needs in specific areas specifically in the energy transition era.

The meeting will cover various presentations from TWI speakers. The topic this year is on the latest developments in materials, manufacturing and integrity management for the energy sector. This is also an opportunity to be presented with a summary of the new JIP proposals which we would like your feedback on based on importance to your business in the short term.

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Amina Boughrara Salman - Oil and Gas Sector Manager

Amina Boughrara Salman

Oil and Gas Sector Manager

Amina Boughrara Salman joined Industrial Membership Services (IMS) in September 2020 as the O&G Sector Manager. Her current activities include developing industrial membership for TWI, identifying and exploiting new opportunities for business growth and providing efficient service to key customers. Prior to this, Amina was a Senior Project Leader in Arc processes and Welding Engineering (AWE) section from June 2018 until august 2020 and in Condition and Structural Monitoring (CSM) section from August 2016 to May 2018. Prior to TWI, Amina worked for Schlumberger as a Senior Reservoir Engineer for nine years.

Dietmar Kok - Regional Manager TWI South East Asia

Dietmar Kok

Regional Manager TWI South East Asia

Dietmar Kok, originally from Germany but based in Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia. Over 20 years’ experience in the oil and gas industry, from that 12 years in South East Asia. He holds a professional engineering degree from Germany and an MBA from UK.  Before becoming regional manager for TWI, Dietmar worked as project engineer on numerous tank, pipeline and pressure vessel inspection projects all around the world, on- and offshore. Today Dietmar is responsible for six companies with over 120 employees, both in the training as well as engineering sectors.

Kasra Sotoudeh - Manager - Materials Performance and Characterisation Section

Kasra Sotoudeh

Manager - Materials Performance and Characterisation Section

Kasra is a Chartered materials and welding engineer who’s been with TWI, since 2011. He manages the ‘Materials Performance and Characterisation’ Section of TWI’s Materials and Structural Integrity Group; being responsible for a team of engineers and technicians working on a broad range of projects related to metallurgy, corrosion performance, weldability, and mainly utilisation of corrosion resistant alloys for the oil & gas, power, aerospace, construction and other industrial sectors, with the main focus on providing consultancy and carrying out independent failure investigations, and materials testing.

After finishing his MSc and PhD at the University of Manchester, he researched and investigated the formability of aluminium and magnesium alloys and IF steels, at The University of Manchester.

Prior to that he worked as a metallurgist for a subsidiary of ThyssenKrupp, specialising in steels, non-ferrous metals, machineries, spare parts and technical components.

Dr Amir Khamsehnezhad - Manager, Novel Polymers Technologies

Dr Amir Khamsehnezhad

Manager, Novel Polymers Technologies

Dr Khamsehnezhad joined TWI Ltd in 2013 and currently manages the activities in the Novel Polymer Technologies section within Polymer and composite technologies group at TWI. Amir is a polymer technologist/scientist with a chemical engineering background and significant knowledge on industrial development and application of thermoplastic polymers and thermoplastic reinforced composites in various industry sectors. Amir’s key area of expertise covers almost the whole range of polymer science starting from the crude oil wellhead, distillation/refining processes, petrochemical processes, polymer processing, material selection and characterization, process optimization, welding of thermoplastics, lifetime assessment, assembly of plastic components and ultimately recycling of them.

He has expertise and experience in welding of thermoplastics, processing and characterisation, material selection and life time assessment and acceptance criteria. In addition to his daily job, he is also involved in review activities for number of journals on polymer related topics and is member of the reviewer panel for public funded research proposals in the UK. Amir is a Chartered Engineer in the UK and a member of the Institute of Materials, Minerals and Mining (IOM3), the Welding Institute (TWI) and Chartered Management Institute (CMI).

Prof. Ian Cooper - Technology Fellow - Advanced NDE

Prof. Ian Cooper

Technology Fellow - Advanced NDE

Ian is a Chartered Engineer with over 30 years’ experience in Non-destructive testing (NDT). On joining TWI in 2005 as a principle project leader at the specialist NDT Centre in Port Talbot, he specialised in NDT of composites. More recently, his work has concentrated on advanced NDT methods and automated robotic inspection systems and he was promoted to Technology Fellow in 2015.

A recognised expert in the inspection of composites and other difficult materials, he leads the highly successful IntACOM programme developing rapid automated inspection systems for composites and complex geometries. In 2016 he and co-authors were awarded the John Grimwade Medal for a paper on this work.

He is a Fellow of the British Institute of Non-Destructive Testing and is widely published in NDT and aerospace journals. He is President of the BINDT with effect from 1st Jan 2023 and is active and influential on a number of committees that guide the development, application, training and certification of NDT. In 2016 he was made an Honorary Professor of Practice at the University of Wales, Trinity St David. In 2019 Ian received the BINDT Ann Birt award for NDE research and development and technology strategy development. 


Mehran Izadkhah - Global RiskWISE Product Manager

Mehran Izadkhah

Global RiskWISE Product Manager

Mehran joined TWI in 2009. He has managed several projects of risk-based inspection, damage mechanism identification, fitness-for-services, offshore structural integrity assessment, pipeline integrity assessment, corrosion control, cathodic protection, protective coatings, and failure investigations.
He led the development of fully quantitative and semi-quantitative procedures, methodologies, and algorithms utilized in RBI assessment for various assets such as pipelines, boilers and fixed equipment.

He is now the Product Manager for TWI’s Risk-Based Inspection (RBI) software RiskWISE®, leading and managing the developments of TWI’s RBI and Integrity management software.

Prior to TWI, Mehran obtained a bachelor of Chemical Engineering and held the role of site engineer on an offshore platform in the Middle East.


Carl Hauser - Section Manager and Technology Consultant, Laser Additive Manufacturing

Carl Hauser

Section Manager and Technology Consultant, Laser Additive Manufacturing

Dr Carl Hauser joined TWI in June 2010 and is section manager and technology consultant in the Laser Additive Manufacturing (LAM) section. Carl has been involved in additive manufacturing for more than 25 years. Carl steers technical strategy for both PBF-LB and DED-L and still conducts some experimental research in large scale AM. This includes the development of certification procedures and CAM software tools for DED-L processing.

Carl has published over 30 scientific conference and journal papers, has given many keynote presentations on Additive Manufacturing, and is an expert reviewer for several international additive manufacturing journals. Carl also sits on the advisory committee for the International SFF Symposium, held annually in Austin, Texas. Carl is a chartered engineer and has attained Fellow status with The Welding Institute.

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