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JCB Webinar on Designing for Weld Fatigue

Webinars 14 June 2022

JCB Exclusive Webinar: Designing for Weld Fatigue

The webinar will cover the fundamentals of fatigue in metallic structures with particular focus on welded structures. The aim is to:

  • introduce fatigue terminology
  • the features of welds that influence their fatigue performance
  • how this can be improved and help designers to avoid fatigue failures by design.

Also, included will be some of the common techniques used for fatigue life improvement.


Jazeel Chukkan - Senior Project Leader

Jazeel Chukkan

Senior Project Leader

Jazeel Chukkan is currently a Senior Project Leader in Fracture and Fatigue Integrity management team. He joined TWI, Cambridge as a Project Leader in Fatigue Integrity Management team in June 2018. Previously he was in TWI Ltd as a PhD research student in Asset and Fracture Integrity team. He started his PhD on the structural integrity of welded components with Coventry University and NSIRC, TWI in April 2015. He holds a Master’s degree in Welding Engineering and bachelor’s degree in Mechanical Engineering.

His current activities include managing the internal research projects and leading structural integrity projects for various sectors such as Medical, construction, Oil and gas and automotive sectors; responsible to deliver the projects at high level of technical quality within the desired time frame and budget. He has worked on numerous projects across a variety of industry sectors. He has experience in Fatigue and fracture assessments, Fatigue testing, standard and bespoke mechanical testing, Residual stress measurement and analysis, and numerical modelling and stress analysis

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