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Improved Orthopaedics through Surface Modification

Webinars 14 September 2022

TWI Medical Webinar: Improved Orthopaedics through Surface Modification

Surface modification technologies, when applied to orthopaedic applications, can offer benefits for users.

This webinar will use a case study of the novel surface modification of an example shoulder stem to improve osseointegration.

Osseointegration is important in implanted materials being accepted by the bone rather than as a foreign body. Integration also means that an implant will have a permanent anchorage point on the bone and will not loosen easily. 

The webinar will detail the technical work that was involved in the project as well as demonstrate how our library services provided support through literature reviews and patent searching to support freedom to operate analysis.

Along with an insight into surface modification for orthopaedic applications, attendees will gain an insight into how TWI library services operates to back up our expertise with high quality information and resources through literature and patent searches, allied with knowhow and premium systems. 

This webinar is the third in a series of webinars dedicated to the medical industry, with the first offering an overview of device development and manufacturing in the medical industry and the second on the theme of microjoining and non destructive testing on medical devices based on our decades of experience working in the sector. 

To accommodate a global audience, we are running this webinar for an hour in the morning and again in the afternoon for an hour so please register for the time that best suits you on the event website.

Register for 8am session

Register for 3pm session


Tom Pinto - Principal Project Leader

Tom Pinto

Principal Project Leader

Tom joined TWI in 2007 working in the manufacturing support group before moving to the electron beam (EB) section in 2012 as a Senior Project Leader, where he has been developing electron beam technology. Tom is the technical lead for development and deployment of EB texturing and Surfi-Sculpt® technology. He has coordinated and been involved in many UK national and European collaborative projects, mostly recently on Surfi-Sculpt for heat exchange and bone-to-metal joining in orthopaedic application. In 2018, Tom was promoted to Principal Project Leader. More recently, Tom has led large multi-partner projects involving novel developments of EB wire-fed additive manufacturing process and the application of out-vacuum-chamber EB welding.

Tom was awarded an Engineering Doctorate on the topic of Surfi-Sculpt through the University of Warwick in 2020.

Kath Millard - Information Scientist

Kath Millard

Information Scientist

Kath Millard joined TWI in October 2018 as part of the Library and Information Services Team. Kath has worked on numerous collaborative and single client projects providing information search services for staff and members, assisting in identifying relevant published papers and patents to support project work.

Prior to joining TWI, Kath worked in the academic sector providing library support services to students and staff

Chris Otter - Sector Manager, Industrial Membership Services

Chris Otter

Sector Manager, Industrial Membership Services

Chris is an experienced manufacturing engineer in a variety of material joining processes relevant to multiple industry sectors.

With a sound knowledge of facilities and expertise at TWI, his role includes management of TWI industrial membership interactions and assisting industry to access TWI’s unique range of member services to benefit their business.

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