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Geo-Energy Operations: Opportunities and Challenges

Webinars 02 December 2020

We are pleased to invite you to our ‘Geo-Energy Operations: Opportunities and Challenges’ webinar on 2 December.

TWI, with our expertise in key aspects of materials, materials joining, structural integrity, static and dynamic testing, non-destructive testing and non-destructive evaluation has been on the front foot in leading several geothermal projects (S4CEGEO-SMART, GEO-PRO, GEO-HEX, GEO-DRILL, GEO-COAT).

We have a wealth of expertise in renewable energy sectors such as hydro power, solar power and wind energy. From design through operation, lifetime extension and even failure, our experts have advised many of the biggest names in industry.

Our work in leading green initiatives spans everything from renewable energy projects to improve the efficiency of solar panels and monitoring wind turbine blades, to leading the automotive industry research and development in the electrification of vehicles. Our work in geothermal energy has helped develop several innovative solutions for this important green energy sector.

The event will gather experts from the geothermal sector presenting on the topics below:

Geo-Energy Operations -

  • Geothermal Energy (Present/Future, Covid-19 impact, etc.)

Environmental Risks and Prevention -

  • Geothermal Sustainability Assessment Protocol: A Way Forward
  • Best Practice Procedures for Sub-Surface Geo-Energy Operations
  • Reservoir Stimulation and Induced Seismicity
  • Is the Risk of Felt Induced Seismicity within a Hydrothermal Project Really Manageable? Insights and Conclusions from the Project Owner’s Point of View
  • Evaluation of the Environmental Footprint of Subsurface Geo-Energy Exploration and Exploitation through LCA and MRA

Solutions and Mitigation for Geothermal Applications -

  • Demonstration of the LCA Software against Field Data
  • Comparative Assessment of Well Casing Monitoring
  • An overview of geothermal activities at TWI


Who Should Attend?

This event is aimed at people in the geothermal industry, but it could also be of interest to reservoir engineers and those working in Oil and Gas, as you may find the topics of interest.

A full programme will be published shortly.

For more information please email: