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Geo-Coat Webinar part 2

Webinars 21 October 2020

Webinar on Material characterisation and testing of coatings for corrosion challenges in high-temperature geothermal power production

21 October 2020 13:00 UK time


About Geo-Coat Project

The Geo-Coat project develops specialised corrosion- and erosion- resistant coatings, based on selected High Entropy Alloys and Ceramic/Metal mixtures (Cermets), to be applied through thermal powder coating techniques (primarily high velocity forms of HVOF / Laser cladding), which are specially developed to provide the required bond strength, hardness and density for challenging geothermal applications. It aims to design the new high performance coatings to resist each of the specified threats or combinations of threat, as experimentally derived at key failure points within geothermal runs, and to apply them only to the affected components.



Materials used in high-temperature geothermal wells and equipment that are in direct contact with the geothermal fluid can be subjected to corrosion, which can result in high costs associated with materials, labour, and production efficiency of the well. The corrosion aggressiveness of geothermal fluids depends on the chemical composition and physical character of the fluid, e.g., acidity (pH) and the exploitation parameters such as temperature, pressure, and flow rate. The main corrosive agents in the geothermal fluid are the dissolved gasses H2S, CO2 and chloride ions. In some geothermal systems, HCl gas is present, and condensation and re-boiling can cause localised enrichment of hydrochloric acid and, consequently, severe corrosion of materials in the systems. Various components and equipment used in the production of geothermal power from high-temperature geothermal fields can experience different corrosion attacks as well as wear and erosion.

An overview of tribological and corrosion laboratory tests and microstructural analysis will be presented for different novel coatings systems developed for various components of the high-temperature geothermal power production system. Following a discussion on what future development of coating materials is needed for the advancement, safe operation, and increased efficiency of geothermal power production in the world.

Who should attend?

Anyone interested in geothermal power production as well as anyone interested in advanced materials coatings and those interested in corrosion challenges in geothermal systems.

The recording of the first webinar on Geo-Coat is available here.


Sigrun Nanna Karlsdottir - Professor in Mechanical Engineering

Sigrun Nanna Karlsdottir

Professor in Mechanical Engineering
The University of Iceland

Sigrun Nanna Karlsdottir is a Professor in Mechanical Engineering at the University of Iceland. She received her B.S. degree in Mechanical and Industrial Engineering in 2003 from the University of Iceland and her Ph.D. degree in Materials Science and Engineering from the University of Michigan in the USA in 2007. Dr Karlsdottir's research focus is on material performance in challenging environments, specifically regarding corrosion and scaling in geothermal environments. Her recent involvement in projects in national and international collaboration includes corrosion studies of coatings in high-temperature geothermal environments and research on corrosion behaviour of corrosion-resistant alloys in simulated high temperature deep geothermal environments. She has published over 40 papers in her field, received research grants from international and national research funds and consulted Icelandic energy companies in matters related to corrosion and material selection in geothermal environments. Dr Karlsdottir is the co-founder of Gerosion Ltd, an engineering consulting and R&D Company, where she has served as a COB since 2014. She is also board member of the Geothermal Association of Iceland (GAI) since 2018 and served as a session chair in 2017 and co-chair in 2018 for the symposium on Geothermal Scaling and Corrosion at the annual conference CORROSION, which is organised by the National Association of Corrosion Engineers (NACE).

Namrata Kale  - Collaborative Project Manager - Materials Business Development

Namrata Kale

Collaborative Project Manager - Materials Business Development

Namrata Kale is a Collaborative Project Manager in the Materials Business Development Section. Her current activities include the management and delivery of European and Innovate projects across different sections within the Materials and Structural Integrity Technology Group.

Francesco Fanicchia - Senior Project Leader, Surface Engineering

Francesco Fanicchia

Senior Project Leader, Surface Engineering

Francesco joined TWI in 2018 as a senior project leader in the Surfacing section, after a PhD focused on novel Thermal Barrier Coatings (TBC) for aerospace applications.

 Francesco now coordinates European (Horizon2020), Innovate UK and single client projects, primarily focusing on novel coating materials for aggressive environments deposited through cold spray and thermal spray technologies. His main research interest lies in the development of High Entropy Alloys, complex materials generated by combining different elements (>3) to provide interesting thermo-mechanical properties.

TWI has considerable experience in the successful development and characterisation of coatings for several applications in aerospace, power generation, oil & gas, etc. Discover more about TWI's coating and surface engineering technologies. 


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