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FSW for high quality and productive fabrication

Seminars 25 July 2019

10.00 - 15.00


Steve Dodds, TWI
Pat Gorham, MFE Formwork Technology Sdn Bhd

Friction stir welding (FSW) is a solid-state joining process that bypasses many of the problems inherent in fusion welding. As the materials being joined are not melted but plasticised, potential complications such as shrinkage, solidification cracking and porosity are either avoided or significantly minimised. 

Process advances at TWI have benefited a wide range of industries fabricating with aluminium, copper, lead, steel and even titanium. FSW in used in a vast range of advanced products from  reusable spacecraft launcher rockets to cars, trains, construction equipment, ships and even PC’s. 

Benefits of attending FSW for High Quality and Productive Fabrication

Aimed at design engineers, production engineers, product managers, and those seeking advance manufacturing solutions this free event will provide attendees with an understanding of:

  • how the process works,
  • applications FSW has been used on,
  • materials which it can join, and
  • design methods used to maximise compatibility, quality and productivity.

Attendees will also hear from Malaysian FSW user MFE Formwork Technology Sdn Bhd's Pat Gorham who will present an industrial case study. 

During the day there will be plenty of networking opportunities plus the chance to have a one-to-one meeting with TWI's leading FSW experts.  

Lunch and refreshments will be provided. 

We hope you can join us.

To discover more about FSW please see here.

Meet the team

Steve Dodds

Section Manager – Friction and Forge Processes

Prior to working with TWI, Steve studied both his BEng and PhD at Sheffield Hallam University, where he was also employed as a Materials Engineer within the Materials and Engineering Research Institute (MERI). Steve then joined TWI in 2013 as a Senior Project Leader in the Friction & Forge Processes team, before being positioned as Section Manager in February 2016.

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