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Extreme High-speed Laser Application (EHLA) Webinar

Webinars 13 August 2020

Extreme High-speed Laser Application (EHLA) Technology Webinar - Thursday 13 August 2020, 15:00 BST

In 2020, TWI became the first UK-based facility to offer the novel Extreme High-speed Laser Application (EHLA) technology.

EHLA is a high-speed, low heat input variant of conventional laser cladding (also known as DED-LB, LMD). Laser cladding technologies can apply high integrity surface coatings, but can be slow for large components. With EHLA, a coating can be applied >10x quicker, with minimal heat input into the underlying substrate material. Unlike other high productivity coating technologies, EHLA retains high material integrity with low porosity and defects, alongside very high material efficiency; reducing both waste and cost.

Immediate applications of the EHLA technology include improved corrosion and wear protection methods. This includes a commercially viable alternative to thermal spraying and hard chrome plating. Looking beyond coatings, EHLA offers promising opportunities in large-scale repairs and additive manufacturing.

Who should attend?

  • Anyone interested in advanced coatings processes, across spraying, plating and deposition technologies.
  • Those currently employing laser cladding or related technologies in their manufacturing processes.
  • Industries affected by new environmental and health limitations on their hard-facing or corrosion protection needs.
  • Anyone interested in future innovations in advanced material deposition, repair, and additive manufacturing that could arise from the EHLA technique.


Josh Barras - Senior Project Leader - Laser Additive Manufacturing

Josh Barras

Senior Project Leader - Laser Additive Manufacturing

Josh Barras joined TWI in 2015 and is a Senior Project Leader in the Laser Additive Manufacturing (LAM) section. Josh has been involved in laser metal deposition (LMD) for over 7 years, working on many technology advancements including induction heating-assisted LMD and coaxial-wire LMD. Josh is now leading the development strategy and experimental research of EHLA at TWI.

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