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Exclusive Webinar for the Shipbuilding and Maritime Industry

Webinars 22 September 2021

Exclusive Webinar for the Shipbuilding and Maritime Industry

To cover our global audience, we are running two sessions of this webinar on 22nd September at 07.00 and 15.00 (BST)

This webinar is specifically for the global companies associated with the shipbuilding and maritime industry. During TWI’s 75 years of existence, we have been serving our Industrial Members in shipbuilding maintenance, repair, and R&D into future joining technologies and materials.

Specifically, this webinar will cover three areas of TWI’s non-commercially sensitive research:

  • Composite material joining techniques: Pros and cons for using composite materials in ship design and manufacture, and methods for joining these materials – including composite to metal joining, presented by Dr Chris Worrall

  • Distortion management: Discussion into TWI’s expertise in using numerical modelling to save costs and time associated with ship manufacture, presented by Dr Tyler London

  • Friction stir welding of steel: The advantages of using friction welding for joining steel panels for maritime applications, including new robust tool designs and future development potential, presented by Dr Stephen Cater







Meet the team

Nick McCarthy - Business Development Manager - Advanced Manufacturing Technologies

Nick McCarthy

Business Development Manager - Advanced Manufacturing Technologies

Nick McCarthy is the business development manager for Advanced Manufacturing Technologies at TWI. With a background in friction technologies Nick has worked extensively in the off highway sector and has visited equipment manufacturers across the globe to support joining challenges for related applications.

Nick is working with the TWI membership to support joining challenges and also build new relationships with companies that require support to develop new products and applications.

Tony Pramanik  - Membership Sector Manager Construction and Engineering

Tony Pramanik

Membership Sector Manager Construction and Engineering

Tony is the Membership Sector Manager for Oil and Gas, Construction and Engineering, helping existing members maximise the benefits of Membership and recruiting new Members. Tony's previous role within TWI was Senior Project Leader in The Laser and Sheet Processes(LAS) team. Tony joined TWI in 2014 as a Project Leader working on laser processing projects. Prior to joining TWI, Tony spent some years as a Production Engineer for a Laser Manufacturing Company and also a Continuous Improvement Engineer in the Aerospace industry. Throughout my career Tony has delivered various projects in R&D, NPI and CAPEX.

Ask Tony About: project management:laser welding:Laser Material Processing: Lean Manufacturing

Tyler London - Section Manager – Numerical Modelling and Optimisation

Tyler London

Section Manager – Numerical Modelling and Optimisation

Tyler is responsible for computational engineering activities at TWI: developing mathematical models and applying engineering analysis techniques to support R&D, consultancy, product development, and failure investigation.

Tyler’s main areas of focus are related to manufacturing process simulations, fracture and fatigue assessments, and numerical optimisation. He is a Chartered Engineer, Chartered Mathematician, Chartered Scientist and NAFEMS-certified Professional Simulation Engineer. Tyler supports multiple national and international codes and standards including the UK Nuclear structural integrity code R6 (weld modelling guidelines committee), British Standard 7910 (strain-based design and assessment committee), EN 13094 (FEA committee), and the NAFEMS Working Group on Manufacturing Process Simulation. Tyler has published more than 40 journal articles and conference papers and was part of TWI’s team that received first prize for residual stress predictions in the NIST International AM Benchmark competition.

Stephen Cater FRIN MEI ARINA AWeldI - Principal Project Leader – Friction and Forge Processes

Stephen Cater FRIN MEI ARINA AWeldI

Principal Project Leader – Friction and Forge Processes

Stephen Cater is a Principal Project Leader at TWI’s Yorkshire Technology Centre, responsible for research into the friction stir welding (FSW) of both thick section light metal alloys such as aluminium and magnesium, and high plasticisation point materials such as steel, titanium and nickel based alloys.

A metallurgist by training, and winner of the Richard Weck Award for his work on steel, Stephen led TWI’s Core Research Programme (CRP) into the development of FSW for steel, and also led the welding elements of projects looking at FSW for marine construction. These programmes were HILDA (High Integrity Low Distortion Assembly), MOSAIC (Materials Onboard: Steel Advancements and Integrated Composites) and RESURGAM ( Robotic Survey, Repair & Agile Manufacture). Stephen also developed the capability to friction stir weld steel under oil in the FSWBOT programme which is currently developing a robotic system able to conduct patch repairs of defects inside live oil pipelines.

Stephen has led a number of single client projects on the welding of thick section (>25mm) aluminium for safety critical applications and is currently leading two major projects in this area. One is a CRP project investigating new tool designs and FSW techniques for thick section aluminium and the second is a Joint Industry Project (JIP) for a group of sponsors interested in the early commercialisation of these new FSW techniques. Stephen also led a SCP for a customer in the Power sector who had a requirement for high integrity aluminium FSW in cryogenic service. Stephen also leads TWI’s FSW training programme, having developed a series of FSW courses in accordance with the requirements of the ISO FSW Standard, ISO 25239:2011.

Prior to joining TWI, Stephen served as a soldier with experience of both combat and technical attachments to DSTL (Defence Science & Technology Laboratory)

Dr Chris Worrall  - Consultant – Polymer Composite Technologies

Dr Chris Worrall

Consultant – Polymer Composite Technologies

Chris is responsible for delivering composites joining, manufacture, processing and testing services to TWI’s Members and through public funded projects. He has spent 10 years in Japan working in the automotive, aerospace, renewable energy and rail transport industries. Before leaving the UK, he worked in a research laboratory on the processing of novel thermoplastic composite materials, improving the toughness of composites, and developing test methods for composite materials.

His 35 years of composites expertise covers; mechanical testing of composite materials (including impact, fracture and toughness), composite-metal joining, thermoplastic composite welding, microstructure characterisation, finite element analysis (FEA), design, and manufacturing technology for composite materials.

Chris was a participating member of ESIS TC4 and worked on the development of the protocol for Mode I DCB ISO standard between 1994 and 1999.Chris holds a PhD in the field of impact of composite sandwich structures in addition to a BSc in metallurgy and materials science. Chris was the lead author of the Composites UK’s ‘Good Practice Guide to composite joining’ publication, and was part of the SurFlow™ team at TWI that recently won a Composites Association Innovation award.

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