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ENSA Exclusive Webinar on Direct Energy Deposition

Webinars 07 September 2022

ENSA Exclusive Webinar: A vision of Direct Energy Deposition Arc Additive Manufacture as a Digital Manufacturing Technology of Tomorrow 

Time: 11am, Spain/10am, UK

Arc-based additive manufacturing (AM), also known as Directed Energy Deposition (DED) arc, is gaining significant interest in various industries, eg nuclear power, oil & gas, aerospace, construction and marine, as its high deposition rate renders it promising for large load-bearing structures. TWI's technical expertise includes many decades of theoretical and practical knowledge, experience and capability in the suite of AM processes and supporting technologies such as metallurgy, materials analysis and non-destructive evaluation. In addition, TWI is operating an integrated programme of internally funded research for AM which includes other aspects such as in-process monitoring, modelling and simulation, design for AM, product engineering and digital system integration.

This webinar will examine how some of the research into DED arc AM underway at TWI contributes towards the vision of a digital manufacturing process of tomorrow. This will include some of the complexities of feedstock, processing, monitoring and quality assurance, with examples of work at TWI for energy and other sectors involving similar applications.


Lei Xu - Senior Project Leader, Arc Welding Section

Lei Xu

Senior Project Leader, Arc Welding Section

Dr Lei Xu is a Senior Project Leader in the Arc Welding Engineering section at TWI and is a Certified International Welding Engineer / European Welding Engineer. His main experiences are in robotic arc welding and AM processes for a range of industrial sectors including energy, shipbuilding, aerospace, rail, automotive, construction, and electronics etc.

He has led and participated in industrial R&D projects developing robotic arc AM and welding processes, automation of NDT, measurements and data analysis of residual stress in welded structures, and numerical modelling for AM and welding process optimisation. He has authored and co-authored over 15 journal and conference papers in welding and AM research and development. 

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