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Energy and Construction Industry Panel Meeting

Webinars 06 June 2023

TWI Energy and Construction Industry Panel Meeting: Driving to a Net Carbon Future for the Energy and Construction Industries

Time: 08.30-15.30 Abu Dhabi

This event is being sponsored by ADNOC.


The theme for the panel meeting is the industry-relevant subject of, ‘Driving to a Net Carbon Future for the Energy and Construction Industries,’ where a senior team of our world-leading industry experts will be presenting on topics including: 

  • A Spotlight on Non-Metallic Materials; including the use of non-metallic materials in the energy and construction industries and an investigation of material challenges in hydrogen environments.

  • Additive Manufacturing (AM) – The Future of 3D Printing & Powder Technologies; investigating large part manufacturing, AM component performance, and qualification and certification.

  • Why the Future is Digital, Technologies for Prediction, Automation & Control; providing up-to-date information on robotics and automation in NDE, software and AI for data analysis, and the use of digital technologies and digital twins for asset integrity enhancement.

The programme of presentations also includes panel discussions and sessions, alongside opportunities for one-to-one discussions with TWI experts.

As well as gaining insights into the latest developments in additive manufacturing, non-destructive testing and asset integrity management, you will have plenty of time to network with industry peers and technical specialists to discuss new opportunities and cost-saving technological developments.

We will also present details of the many benefits of TWI Industrial Membership, letting non-Members find out more about us, and making sure existing Members are getting the full benefit of their membership with us.

We would like our guests to contribute towards this event and therefore, we request 5 minutes of your time to complete the short survey below.

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Spaces are limited for this event so please  register before 28th May to ensure you have a place.


Mohamed Saeed Alameri - Manager, Engineering Services (Inspection & Corrosion)

Mohamed Saeed Alameri

Manager, Engineering Services (Inspection & Corrosion)

Mohamed Saeed Alameri is a Manager Engineering Services (Inspection & Corrosion) in ADNOC Sour Gas, Technical Services (Engineering). Mohamed graduated with a Bachelor of Chemical Engineering from UAE University. Mohamed has been working within ADNOC more than 17 years in Inspection and Corrosion aspects. His extensive experience has contributed to enhance asset integrity and facilities availability/reliability within process plants.

Ali Mohamed Elkordi - Regional Engineering Manager

Ali Mohamed Elkordi

Regional Engineering Manager

Ali has been a Chartered Chemical Engineer since 1989 and Fellow (2015) of the IChemE. Ali graduated from Teesside University Middleborough in 1984/85 with a BEng in Chemical Engineering. In 1989/90 he completed his MSc in Corrosion Engineering and Science from UMIST Manchester. Trained and developed by both AGIP and ADCO in Oil and Gas fields, especially in Technical Support, Managerial and Integrity fields. Ali has demonstrated tangible achievements and continuous improvements in his career and work during the transition from a Senior Corrosion and Inspection Engineer to the Team Leader position and Acting Technical Support Manager. Ali has also educated and trained Local engineers and foremen since 2004, alongside his continuing Engineering practice. Ali is the author of a number of technical papers that have been submitted/published at various predominate papers, conferences, seminars and exhibitions. Ali has been active in the Oil and Gas Industry throughout his career. Ali joined TWI as Regional Engineering Manager in 2019 covering the MENA region. Prior to that, he was conducting consultation in the internal corrosion aspect for DNV GL /KOC.

Dr Kai Yang - Senior Project Leader (NDE)

Dr Kai Yang

Senior Project Leader (NDE)

Dr Kai Yang is a senior project leader, technology at TWI. His research area mainly includes tank monitoring,  long-range ultrasonic testing, computer vision and machine learning.

Raja Khan PhD CEng FWeldI FIMMM - Technology Consultant, Thermal Processing Technologies

Raja Khan PhD CEng FWeldI FIMMM

Technology Consultant, Thermal Processing Technologies

Dr Khan has a background in metallurgy, materials science and manufacturing with 27 years research & development experience by working in various industries and R&D organisations. He is working as Technology Consultant in the Thermal Processing Technologies (TPT) section at TWI Cambridge since 2014. His research work is mainly focused on advanced manufacturing (additive manufacturing, near net shape powder metallurgy hot isostatic pressing), materials joining technologies, powder characterisation, post thermal processing, and coatings technologies. He is also a member of ASME Standards AMS additive manufacturing metal committee.

Chris Houghton - Consultant

Chris Houghton


•   Oil industry consultant with a unique breadth of engineering and operations roles over 40 years with multinational oil & gas operators.  Excellent project management skills, action-orientated with strong communication abilities across management, subject matter experts and site operations teams and with a high safety ethic.

•    An acknowledged industry expert in asset integrity management applying his knowledge and experience to drive innovation through the utilisation of digital assets and technology to achieve operations excellence.  

•    Experienced with some of the largest and most challenging oilfields in the industry, across the North Sea, North America, Caspian Sea, and Middle East.

•    Track record of identifying and applying new technologies and materials (non-metallics in particular) to solve technical challenges. Widely published and extensive presentation experience in national and international conferences.

Joanna Nicholas - Team Manager, Metallurgy, Materials and Structural Integrity Group

Joanna Nicholas

Team Manager, Metallurgy, Materials and Structural Integrity Group

Joanna joined TWI Ltd in 1999, and has been involved in research, materials selection and failure investigations, mainly with ferritic steels. Joanna has also supported engineering critical assessment activities by undertaking post-test metallographic assessment on fracture toughness test specimens. She has also been involved in various aspects of computer modelling.

Joanna has broad knowledge of ferritic steels with particular emphasis on hydrogen cracking and hydrogen diffusion, HAZ hardness, mooring chain, fasteners, in-service welding and 9% Ni steels. She has carried out numerous investigations in these areas including failure investigation as well as production qualification and research. She currently serves on several BSI committees, providing welding and metallurgy input to the standards as required and lectures on the IIW/EWF diploma.

Carol Johnston - Consultant – Fatigue Integrity Management

Carol Johnston

Consultant – Fatigue Integrity Management

Carol joined TWI and the Fatigue Integrity Management section in 2009. She manages a range of projects related to the fatigue strength and structural integrity of welded joints. Her main area of work is on validation fatigue testing of welds using the resonance fatigue testing technique and she is now focussing on how TWI’s experience and expertise can be applied and used in the renewable energy sector.

Marcello Consonni - Consultant - Arc Welding

Marcello Consonni

Consultant - Arc Welding

Marcello joined TWI in 2006, working in the Fracture Integrity and Arc Welding sections, after a four-year experience as a metallurgist/welding engineer with a pressure vessel manufacturer. Marcello holds a MEng in Materials Engineering from Politecnico in Milan. He specialises in welding engineering consultancy, support with the application of welding codes and standards and welding of high-temperature materials. He has published over ten peer-reviewed publications and conference papers and actively participates in many national and international codes and standards committees, including those covering the ISO 15614 and ISO 9606 series, ASME BPVC Section and Afcen committees.

Dr Farshad Salamat-Zadeh - Consultant and Technology Fellow - Polymer & Composite Technologies Group

Dr Farshad Salamat-Zadeh

Consultant and Technology Fellow - Polymer & Composite Technologies Group

Dr Farshad Salamat-Zadeh is a Technology Fellow, Chartered engineer and lead failure investigator of the non-metallics with 24 years of consultancy and project management experience. He has been dealing with all aspects of materials, joining and manufacturing issues related to oil and gas, automotive, aerospace, construction, medical and other industries. Dr Farshad is the chairman of ISO 14692-4 working group.

He has hands on experience with polymer processing, bonding and non-metallic welding processes, product development, developing and delivering training, problem solving, diagnostic and forensic investigations. Dr Farshad is the TWI Business Development Manager with the no-metallics focus in the MENA regions.

Dr Bernadette Craster - Technology Fellow - Polymeric Materials and Ageing through Permeation Processes

Dr Bernadette Craster

Technology Fellow - Polymeric Materials and Ageing through Permeation Processes

Dr Bernadette Craster is  the Technology Fellow on Polymeric Materials and Ageing through Permeation Processes at TWI. She  has studied transport processes through non metallic (inorganic and organic) materials since 1989. Bernadette worked in the research laboratory of  a service company on permeation processes related to  high pressure CO2, H2S and water, and  barrier development applications for wellbore products. Since 2012 at TWI Ltd,  in addition to studying hydrocarbon fractions, the  permeation of hydrogen gas through non metallic materials such as thermoplastics and thermosets have also been considered.

Bernadette works with seven colleagues (PhD scientists, engineers and experimentalists) who support the activities in the ageing through permeation  facility on small and large scale samples and at all TRL. Previous projects for Member companies include some permeation aspects of  multi material products such as flexible risers, flow lines, polymer lined pipe, thermoplastic composite pipe, reinforced thermoplastic pipe and reinforced thermoset pipe. TWI also has activities on sensor performance  and underwater cables. The overall aim is  to assist the member company to assess the residual lifetime of the product.

Ameni Lounissi - Construction and Engineering Sector Manager

Ameni Lounissi

Construction and Engineering Sector Manager

Ameni is a highly accomplished professional with a strong background in civil engineering and management. Holding the esteemed designation of a chartered manager, she possesses a wealth of expertise in the field. Ameni's educational qualifications include a Master's degree in Civil Engineering, a Master of Research in Materials, Soils, and Structures, as well as a Master of Engineering and Leadership. Currently, she is pursuing her Ph.D. in Machine Learning, reflecting her dedication to staying at the forefront of cutting-edge technologies.

At present, Ameni serves as the Construction and Engineering Sector Manager within the TWI Industrial Membership team. In this pivotal role, she collaborates closely with TWI's industrial members and key accounts, forging strong relationships and fostering engagement. Ameni's primary focus revolves around identifying opportunities for mutual benefit, driving strategic initiatives, and ensuring the utmost satisfaction of TWI's valued members. 

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