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e-Mobility Webinar


Webinars 09 July 2020

Association of Industrial Laser Users (AILU) - e-Mobility Webinar  – 9th June, 2020


The rapid move towards electric vehicle (EV) production and the corresponding reduction in petrol powered vehicles constitutes the biggest change seen in the transport industry since the early 20th Century. With the UK Government setting highly demanding emissions targets of net-zero by 2050 it is clear that further advancements in e-mobility technologies need to be made.

The challenges faced by industry for these advancements include light-weighting of components, process improvements, welding developments, real-time quality assurance in-production, safety, flexible tools and jigs, and prototyping from components through to complete vehicles.The automotive sector has adopted laser technology due to the ability to perform high-quality precision processing at speed and with relatively low cost. Recent advancements in laser technology provide potential solutions to help further the development of e-mobility.

This webinar will be chaired by TWI’s Lasers Section Manager, Paola De Bono and includes presentations from equipment-providers, end-users, academic and industrial researchers in the e-mobility field.

Attendees will be given the opportunity to see and hear how the latest developments in laser technology are working alongside academic and industrial research to support the advancement of e-mobility. The workshop will also include a forum to encourage new thinking and practical, industrially viable solutions.

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