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Capabilities and Applications of the Micro CT X-ray System

Webinars 17 March 2021

TWI is pleased to announce that we are holding a free-to-attend webinar titled 'Capabilities and Applications of the Micro CT X-ray System’ on 17 March 2021.



Computed tomography or CT is a non-destructive method that allows visualisation of the internal volume of a specimen, by creating its 3D representation from a series of 2D images, generated from X-rays passing through the specimen under various angles. The visualisation is possible due to the differences in both density and the atomic number between components of a specimen.

As CT is a technique that provides both cross-sectional and 3D volume images of the object under inspection, it is then possible to observe the internal structure of components and analyse in detail the different visible internal features.

TWI has the capabilities for micro CT (achieving sub-micron resolution) ranging all the way up to large scale CT of aeronautical components. This webinar will be focusing on the micro CT capabilities at TWI, the fundamental advantages and capabilities of the system and how things can be used to validate, inspect and qualify the structural integrity of small assemblies.

TWI will discuss the current uses for the system and explain how these can be advantageous to our Member companies.

Such capabilities can be of use for the medical sector; the webinar will focus on the components related to the medical sector which can be scanned and analysed.

Who should attend?

  • NDE Engineers
  • Medical Representatives
  • Electronics Manufacturers
  • Product Development Engineers


Dorothee Panggabean  - Senior Project Leader - Non Destructive Testing Group

Dorothee Panggabean

Senior Project Leader - Non Destructive Testing Group

Dorothee joined TWI in 2010. She studied Mechanical Engineering at the Bordeaux University in France and joined TWI LTD following an internship. She is currently a Senior Project Leader in Non Destructive Testing (NDT).

Dorothee’ s main areas of expertise lie in Eddy Current Testing (both conventional and Array), ACFM and X-ray CT. She carries out inspection onsite depending on the application and participates in diverse collaborative projects.

She is also member of The Welding Institute Younger Members Committee which involves in lending a hand during Welding with Chocolate workshops or other events. Dorothee explains working in NDT is nothing short of meeting interesting people in different settings.


Scott Andrews - Principal Project Leader – Non-Destructive Testing Group

Scott Andrews

Principal Project Leader – Non-Destructive Testing Group

Scott currently working as a Principal Project Leader in the Novel Polymer Technologies Section at TWI Ltd. Scott has been involved in plastics welding research for over 20 years. Scott’s primary role is to lead and deliver research projects related to plastics welding, typically providing plastics welding consultancy in product design (in particular joint design for welding), proof of welding feasibility, plastics welding troubleshooting, welding machine specification and validation for entering production.

In addition, Scott manages the day-to-day running of TWI’s Plastics Welder Training and Examinations business, and is currently a CSWIP approved Plastics Welding Examiner.

Scott’s areas of expertise is all plastics welding processes - in particular ultrasonic welding, plastics welding equipment, analysis of plastic welds, plastic materials - including high-temperature thermoplastics, wood welding and wood polymer composite welding. Scott has successfully led many small to large polymer welding projects, for a variety of applications, across a number of industry sectors (medical, automotive, power, aerospace, oil and gas, construction).

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