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Brompton Bicycle Exclusive Webinar

Webinars 28 January 2021

Brompton Bicycle Exclusive Webinar on Robotic Welding

Robotic arc welding is an essential component of today’s manufacturing plants. The primary benefit of robotic arc welding are that production costs decrease due to increased throughput, reliability and quality are improved, reduced waste and overall improvement in the safety of the production facility. Through extensive application in many manufacturing industry sectors, robotic welding has been developed to a mature production method. Strong industrial need continues to drive the rapid development of robotic arc welding and associated technologies to overcome technical difficulties and expand their capability.

TWI has established good experience in robotic welding through its services in generic research, contract R&D, technical information, consultancy, standards drafting, training and qualification.

This webinar will cover the advantages and challenges associated with the uptake of robotic welding, and cover the key considerations for its uptake.

Meet the team

Tony Pramanik  - Membership Sector Manager Construction and Engineering

Tony Pramanik

Membership Sector Manager Construction and Engineering

Tony is the Membership Sector Manager for Oil and Gas, Construction and Engineering, helping existing members maximise the benefits of Membership and recruiting new Members. Tony's previous role within TWI was Senior Project Leader in The Laser and Sheet Processes(LAS) team. Tony joined TWI in 2014 as a Project Leader working on laser processing projects. Prior to joining TWI, Tony spent some years as a Production Engineer for a Laser Manufacturing Company and also a Continuous Improvement Engineer in the Aerospace industry. Throughout my career Tony has delivered various projects in R&D, NPI and CAPEX.

Ask Tony About: project management:laser welding:Laser Material Processing: Lean Manufacturing

Lei Xu - Project Leader, AWE

Lei Xu

Project Leader, AWE

Lei joined TWI as a Project Leader in the Arc Process, Fabrication and Welding Engineering Section of the Materials Group in early 2015. His background includes robotic arc welding and the associated inspection automation, process modelling and fixturing/tooling.

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