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BeamAssure: Quality Management for Electron Beam Welding

Webinars 10 March 2021


Dr Colin Ribton and Dr Arben Ferhati will give an overview of TWI’s latest technology offering: BeamAssure - An advanced quality management tool for the Electron Beam Welding process.

Starting from the basics, Colin and Arben will describe the equipment, working principle and what it can achieve. The presentation will focus on the case for using the technology to ensure quality and standards.

TWI believe this technology is a novel capability for the industry, to maintain the highest product quality, reduce fabrication and material costs, and protect the environment.

Who should attend?

  • Design, welding and production engineers, technology and research leaders
  • Aerospace, marine, energy, thermo-fluid systems, construction, electronics, defence sectors/companies


Colin Ribton  - Technology Fellow - Electronic Beam Processing and Technology

Colin Ribton

Technology Fellow - Electronic Beam Processing and Technology

Colin Ribton is a Chartered Engineer, Chartered Physicist and a Fellow of the Institute of Physics. Having worked in Electron Beam with TWI since 1985, his work has seen him involved in the computer modelling of electron optics and high voltage components, the design of high voltage power supplies, the design and optimisation of radiation shielding, real-time control system architecture, magnetic systems, the design of digital and analogue electronics, and the development of processes to manufacture major components in power generation, nuclear, aerospace and medical applications. Colin is on the organising committee of the Electron Beam Technologies biannual conference, is published widely on electron beam gun design and is the inventor or co-inventor on several granted patents, including the RF excited plasma gun and the array probe device for measuring electron beam intensity.

TWI has been active and innovative in EB technology research and development since the 1960s, we are responsive to industry needs and provide consultancy services to all industry sectors, including aerospace, automotive, defence, electronics packaging, medical, oil and gas, power, space and engineering and fabrication. Support for industry includes advice on component design, process selection and quality issues, troubleshooting, feasibility and pre-production trials, application, and prototype equipment development.

Arben Ferhati - Senior Project Leader – Electron Beam

Arben Ferhati

Senior Project Leader – Electron Beam

Arben specialises in electron beam welding equipment and processes. His current role is to support TWI Member companies seeking to adopt electron beam welding technologies to manufacture new or existing products. He acts as a consultant for product development, design-for-manufacturing, prototyping and technology transfer.

Most of his experience was gathered in the aerospace and energy sectors. Before joining TWI, Arben worked in the energy distribution, domestic energy systems, thermal processes and design and fabrication of thermal management systems for the electronics sector. He holds a doctorate in engineering from Brunel University London.

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