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An Overview of Polytest

Webinars 26 January 2022

Exclusive Webinar on Polytest

Time: 10am-12pm Italy/9am-11am UK

There is vast global network of polyethylene (PE) pipeline which is estimated to include around 700 million welds, mainly concentrated in the gas and water utilities, mining, energy and process plant industry sectors. However, a lack of a commercially available products for testing these welds non-destructively means the majority of these welds are not adequately inspected to verify the volumetric through-weld integrity. It was this need that inspired the creation of a system for the inspection of welds in PE/plastic piping.

PolyTest™ is an phased array ultrasonic testing (PAUT) system designed and optimised specifically for the volumetric non-destructive testing of electrofusion (EF) and butt fusion (BF) joints in PE pipes.

Used with commercially available PAUT controllers, the PolyTest scanner system comprises of bespoke phased array ultrasonic probes operating at the optimal frequencies for PE pipes. It utilises flexible membrane water wedges, designed to conform to curved surfaces across a range of pipe diameters, while providing full coverage of the weld fusion zone, all mounted on a simple modular flexible scanner that can accommodate pipes with diameters from 90 to 900mm.

The PolyTest system is supported with procedures to enable detection of typical flaw types that can occur in PE pipe welds, including planar flaws, particulate contamination and cold welds. The system has been developed and optimised over many years, validated in lab based blind trials and deployed for the inspection of new build and in-service welds for water and gas distribution, and nuclear sectors for over 7 years, but is suitable for any industry that has a need for the high integrity inspection of PE welds.

The webinar will discuss the PolyTest system development history, phased array UT principles of operation, practical applications and address audience questions.


Doug Wylie - Team Manager – NDT Products

Doug Wylie

Team Manager – NDT Products

Following a 23-year career in the RAF, Doug joined TWI in January 2008 as NDT Programme Manager, Training and Examination Services, responsible for the delivery of the non-destructive testing (NDT) training across four venues in the UK. In October 2011, after completion of a BEng (Hons) degree through the Open University, he transferred to the NDT Section.

Doug, an Incorporated Engineer and multi-method NDT Level 2/3, has experience across a variety of industry sectors. He has been involved in NDT application both on- and offshore, third-party inspection witnessing, procedure development and review, collaborative projects and single-client project support. As a team manager he is now responsible for developing the delivery of NDT products in TWI’s Integrity Management Group, and is also leading the innovation project ‘PolyTest’, a new system for inspecting welded joints in HDPE piping.

Away from TWI he is chair of the BINDT Membership, Qualification & Education Committee and sits on BINDT Council.

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