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An Introduction to Composites

Webinars 27 September 2022

The Welding Institute Polymers and Composites Technical Group Webinar: An Introduction to Composites – Materials, Applications and Challenges

Polymers and composites are challenging the dominance traditional materials in a wide range of applications, mainly due to their potential advantages of low weight, good chemical resistance, and improved design flexibility.

However, in many areas of industry there is a lack of knowledge regarding how these relative newcomers differ from traditional materials and how these differences influence the selection of polymers and composites for any application, and the design of joints between themselves and to other materials.

Who should attend?

If you are involved in the aerospace, automotive, energy, oil and gas or sports and leisure industries and want to learn about composites or if you are familiar with the materials and interested in future opportunities, then this webinar is of interest.

You will learn about these relatively new and unusual materials, see the challenges they provide and find out where they are used in industry.

Experts will be presenting on:

  • What are composites and why should we care? by Chris Worrall, Consultant, TWI Ltd
  • A brief history of composites by Geraint Havard, Director of Materials testing, R-Tech Materials
  • Applications and challenges of composites in the wind energy sector by David Williams, Assistant Lead Materials Engineer, Vestas
  • Applications and challenges of composites in the Formula 1 by Nick Brown, Deputy Team Leader - Bodywork and Crash Structures, McLaren Racing


  • Professional Members of The Welding Institute: £25 + VAT (£30)
  • Industrial Members of TWI: £25 + VAT (£30)
  • Non-members: £95 + VAT (£114)
  • Retired Members: £25 + VAT (£30)
  • Students: £25 + VAT (£30)
  • TWI Training School Customers: £70 + VAT (£84)

TWI Staff - please contact Bethaney Butcher if you wish to register.

Please note that payment must be made before the event in order to receive the joining instructions for the event.

Can't make it on the day?

If you can't join us on the day, you can still access the recording of the webinar and the presentations by registering ahead of the event.*

*presentation dissemination is dependent on presenter consent.

Associate Membership (AWeldI) of the Welding Institute

Registering on this Technical Group webinar as a non-member or a TWI Training Customer gives you full Associate Membership (AWeldI) for one year. To activate your membership, just complete the highlighted fields on the event registration form.

You will also benefit from:

  • Discounted registration fees for Technical Group events (£25 + VAT)
  • Free attendance at Branch events
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Benefits of attending this webinar

  • Information transfer from experts
  • Discussion, questions and answers on the specific topics
  • A broader understanding of the extent of standards in the industry
  • Attendance of this event qualifies for CPD

Continuous Professional Development (CPD)

The Welding Institute awards points towards CPD for delegates attending this webinar. Every hour attendance of an event will earn 2 points towards your continuing professional development.

Please contact if you require a certificate of attendance towards your continuing professional development.



Dr Chris Worrall - Consultant – Polymer Composite Technologies

Dr Chris Worrall

Consultant – Polymer Composite Technologies

Chris is responsible for helping solve some of the problems TWI’s Industrial Members face with exploiting the benefits of composite materials. Starting out with a degree in Metallurgy and Materials science, he quickly became fascinated by composites and the opportunities they provided. He has spent 10 years in Japan working in the automotive, aerospace, renewable energy and rail transport industries, and lecturing at a University. Before leaving the UK, Chris worked in a research laboratory on the processing of novel thermoplastic composite materials, manufacturing failure analysis, and developing novel testing and analysis methods for composite materials.

Dr David Williams - Assistant Lead Materials Engineer

Dr David Williams

Assistant Lead Materials Engineer
Vestas Technology

David is the functional lead for adhesives and resins in the blades module at Vestas. David is part of a team that works with suppliers to secure materials for the production of our blades worldwide and ensure quality from initial deployment in our factories through to problem solving any issues during serial production.

In addition to this David also manages short term planning for new projects, materials selection and material specifications to address any new area that is identified in the business.

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