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TWI acquire the AGEMA LOCK-IN Thermography System

Connect, no.83, February 1997

TWI acquire the AGEMA LOCK-IN Thermography System

Since TWI purchased the AGEMA Thermovision 900 system 5 years ago, it has been invaluable in a wide variety of research and consultancy work involving thermal NDT.

By developing an informal working relationship, TWI and AGEMA have tackled a number of inspection problems of mutual interest. More recently they have consolidated this relationship, with AGEMA becoming an industrial Member of TWI,and TWI acquiring the new Thermovision LOCK-IN system - significantly enhancing TWI`s capability in this area of NDT.

The LOCK-IN system was originally developed to detect and locate flaws precisely, such as delaminations and inclusions. This could be carried out more accurately with this system than other thermographic NDT techniques. But it also has wider capabilities.

A modulated heating source is combined with its ability to inspect relatively large areas, allowing it to probe deeper below the surface than passive thermographic equipment. It also provides more precise depth information than systems using active techniques, such as pulsed video thermography.

TWI and AGEMA are currently evaluating the LOCK-IN system in a range of novel applications.

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