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New Welding Co-ordinator software takes off

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To support engineers who have to manage fabrication and meet the requirements of ISO 9000 and EN 729, TWI has recently combined three of its fabrication software packages into one integrated Windows system, Welding Co-ordinator. This allows full traceability between production welds and their associated information.

Welding Co-ordinator combines Weldspec, Welderqual and NDTspec together with a database for storing details specific to welds. Each package is able to run independently, with the Welding Co-ordinator module allowing them to interact.

Weldspec and Welderqual are available in EN 288/EN 287 or ASME IX format although both packages can be customised to suit a company's welding procedure layout. Welding Co-ordinator can be modified to cover the specifications of a company's weld history sheet.

Welding Co-ordinator is very easy to use, featuring a full Windows user interface. It can be operated on a network, enabling more than one person to use any of the programs simultaneously.

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