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Connect+ May/June 2016

Issue 15



Job Knowledge

Case studies and project news 



  • Farnborough International Air Show 2016Farnborough, 11-17 July
  • Latest developments in laser welding, 19 July
  • Laser Cutting as a tool for decommissioning, 21 September
  • Eighth International TWI/EWI Seminar on Joining of Aerospace MaterialsEuropean Space Agency, The Netherlands, 28 September 
  • VIBRATION Industrial Seminar, 26 October

Joint Industry Projects (JIPs)

JIP Buy-Back

Training and examinations

Latest TWI videos  

National Structural Integrity Research Centre (NSIRC)

MI-21 Consumables New Data April-June 2016

 ASTM F106-12  Standard Specification for Brazing Filler Metals for Electron Devices  
Trade Products
 Aluminium Wire & Cable  CoAWCO Bri-MIG range (no date)
 Arcair  Arcair Underwater Electrodes (1975)
 Balfour Darwins Ltd  Deposit welding by the Parkhard hard facing process (1971)
 Bohler Brothers & Co Bohler Electrodes for Manual Electric Arc Welding (1967, 1971)
Bohler Filler Metals for Inert Gas Welding (1972)
Bohler Filler Metals for Submerged Arc Welding (1972)
Bohler Welding Electrode Manual (1974)
Bohler Maintenance/Repair Welding Manual (1976, 1986)
Bohler Welding Production Manual (1981) 
 Butcher Brothers Ltd ButBro Welding and Brazing Rods (1972)
Dingzhou Jinlong Metal Production Welding Fillers (2016) 
Huu Nghi Production  Welding Fillers (2016)
 Kim Tin Group Welding Consumables (2016) 
 Kobelco of America Premiarc DW-308LP-XR, DW-309LP-XR, DW-316LP-XR (2014)
Lincoln Electric Co  Lincolnweld Emergence 61, 70, 73, 90 (2016)
Murex Welding Products (USA) Nam Ha Viet JSC  Filler Metal Guide (1985) 
Nam Ha Viet JSC   Filler Metals (2016)
Penistone Hardmetals Co Ltd   PHC Hardfacing (1979)
Rockweld Ltd  The Rockweld Collection (1970s
Thai-Sun Welding Co Ltd  The Sun-33 (2016)


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