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Connect+ March/April 2016

Issue 14


Coatings and surface engineering spotlight


Job Knowledge

Case studies and project news 


  • Evolution of ageing management  


Joint Industry Projects (JIPs)

JIP Buy-Back

Training and examinations

Latest TWI videos  

National Structural Integrity Research Centre (NSIRC)

MI-21 Consumables new data January - March 2016

ASTM A233 old  Discontinued designations from 1940> 
AWSA5.35/A5.35M:2015 Specification for covered electrodes for underwater wet shielded metal arc welding
BS 1453:1950           Steel filler rods for gas welding of mild steel
EN ISO 636:2015            Welding consumables. Rods, wires and deposits for tungsten inert gas welding of non-alloy  and fine grain steels. Classification.
EN ISO 1071:2015    Welding consumables. Covered electrodes, wires, rods and tubular cored electrodes for fusion welding of cast iron. Classification. 
EN ISO 17632:2015          Welding consumables. Tubular cored electrodes for gas shielded and non-gas shielded        metal arc welding of non-alloy and fine grain steels. Classification
EN ISO 18273:2015   Welding consumables. Wire electrodes, wires and rods for welding of aluminium aluminium alloys. Classification.
Trade Products
British Oxygen Co    Quasi-Arc Welding Manual (1953; 1960 reprint) 
ICI Metals Ltd   Welding Rods and Their Applications (1940?)
Lincoln Electric Techalloy 625 (2015); Lincolnweld 822 + LA-92, LA-93, LA-71 (2016) 
Philips Industrial   Which Electrode? (1935?)
Rockweld Ltd   Brinal Surfacing Wires (1969); Electric Arc Welding Equipment (1955); CoMET Joining Wires (1968); MicroMET Wires (no date); ChroMIG Wires (no date)
SAF-FROSAF-FRO  Online Datasheets (2015)
Stoody  Stoody 6040 (2016)
Suffolk Iron Foundry (1920) Ltd (SIF)  Sifbronze for Low Temperature Welding (no date);
Sifbronze Oxy- Acetylene Welding Products (1965)         

















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