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New TWI e-book collection available to Members - Connect

TWI has introduced a new ebook system called ebrary, which is available to Professional and Industrial Members. Ebrary offers a very wide range of content that better serves Members' interests. It replaces Knovel, the previous system.

The collection of ebooks is currently quite small but TWI will be adding more titles in the coming months. Over time, TWI aims to build up a collection in the same way as the print library.

How to access ebrary:

1) Log into the TWI website. If you haven't registered on the website, you can register here - you will need to enter your membership status.

2) Visit the ebooks section of the website.

3) Click on the orange ebrary button (it will only be visible if you are logged-in). You now leave TWI for ebrary.

4) Click on Browse all Titles or enter search terms to find relevant titles.

You don't need an ebrary account to view books online, but setting one up will enable you to add personalised features such as the ability to download portions of the book or annotate it, for example.

If you need further information and assistance please contact

For more information please email: