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Experts address challenges in the integrity of mooring chains

Guests joined TWI experts in March 2014 at a workshop to address new developments, challenges and issues associated with the integrity of Floating Offshore Installations (FOIs). The integrity of mooring chains continues to be a challenge and there is a consensus that more information is required on link-to-link variability. The meeting determined that industry guidance on undertaking structural reliability analyses of ship hulls would be useful combined with sensitivity studies and investigations into the properties of ship steels of different vintages.

Integrity of Floating Offshore Installations (FOIs)

TWI Technology Centre (Aberdeen)


Chaired by TWI Technology Fellow, Professor John Wintle, the event, at TWI Technology Centre (Aberdeen), boasted attendance from over 20 industrial experts ranging from operators and classification bodies to academics and regulators. Guest speakers included Professor Nigel Barltrop (University of Strathclyde), who addressed lessons learnt from the European RISPECT project on ship hull structural reliability and risk-informed inspection, and Dr Alwyn McLeary (BP Exploration Operating Company) who addressed mooring systems integrity and risk management.


TWI Technology Centre (Aberdeen),


The workshop stimulated rich discussion, presenting delegates with the opportunity to express their thoughts on potential solutions to better manage the integrity of FOIs and therefore reduce risks and to hear about new developments, current issues and areas of concern relating to integrity, reliability and risk management of FOIs in a technical forum.

The workshop highlighted a need for more information on link-to-link variability and based on its success, TWI plans to develop and launch a Joint Industry Project (JIP) in consultation with industry experts. A second workshop on FOIs will be held later this year. If you wish to receive further updates on the JIP, express your interest in attending the workshop, or propose topics for future workshops, please contact


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