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Safeguards against personnel fraud – CSWIP Online Verification


As an employer, you are required by contract, by standards and, depending upon your product, by law to ensure that your personnel are competent to undertake their allocated responsibilities. Whether employed or sub-contracted, any individual with whom you have a contractual arrangement, whether directly or indirectly, is considered to be a member of your personnel. You are responsible for the competence of your personnel including, but not restricted to, permanent employees, temporary employees on short-or fixed-term contracts, and personnel supplied by an agency or third party.

Falsifying references, exaggerating experience on CVs, and forging certificates with the intent to make a gain, or to cause a loss, or to expose another to the risk of loss is personnel fraud. There are individuals who feel that the potential rewards outweigh the risks and will try to gain an advantage by fraudulent means.

Because welding is a special process, the quality of welded products is highly dependent upon the competence of the personnel involved in making and inspecting the welds; personnel fraud is not a victimless crime in the welding and fabrication industry.

If one of your personnel lied to get the job, what else will they lie about to keep it? If you cannot trust your personnel involved in realisation of product quality, you cannot trust your product quality.

Three types of personnel fraud:

  • False representation - where an individual claims to have competence for the role but does not
  • Wrongfully failing to disclose information - where an individual wrongfully and dishonestly fails to disclose information regarding his or her previous employment, or performance, or continued competence in such a role
  • Abuse of position - where an individual intentionally fails to discharge his or her professional responsibilities or knowingly undertakes work beyond the limits of his or her validated competence or allocated authority

Personnel fraud exposes your organisation to the following threats:

  • Financial losses - the cost of rework can be high, failure in service even higher
  • Reputational damage - customer complaints impact new contracts as well as return work
  • Regulatory implications - you have a legal liability for product safety and quality
  • Internal impact - morale and trust are important to quality and productivity

TWI Certification Ltd assists you in mitigating these threats through the following CSWIP scheme features and safeguards:


CSWIP is role-specific competence assurance for personnel, online verification is your assurance that it is CSWIP.

If the CSWIP certificate you are presented with cannot be verified online or the certificate holder does not meet the requirements of the CSWIP scheme document, please report the details to TWI Certification Ltd for investigation and action.

EUR ING Chris Eady MSc BSc(Hons) CEng MRAeS FWeldI
Chief Executive TWI Certification Ltd


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