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Coatings and Paints

Are you using the right products and are they performing?

TWI has in-depth knowledge of coatings and paints, and houses a range of equipment for the analysis, testing, deposition and curing of coatings on products and structures. Independent advice and support regarding coating product selection, process optimisation and failure analysis are increasingly important services valued by many TWI clients.

Coatings Image - Helicopter


The interface between a product or structure and its surrounding environment often dictates its performance or lifetime. With continued pressure for better, lighter, more durable, cheaper, higher quality, more efficient products, increased emphasis is being placed on the coating system. Alternative coating systems can allow alternative substrate materials and manufacturing processes to be used by engineers to address technical, operational or environmental requirements. For example, effective selection and use of coatings can:

  • maximise adhesion to the substrate

  • reduce the impact of wear and corrosion

  • enable existing products to be used in alternative markets (with different performance demands)

  • reduce foulant build up inside pipelines, thus reducing operational and maintenance costs

  • help address power loss issues associated with particulate and ice build-up on wind turbine blades.

  • increase the efficiency of steam turbine condensers, offering the potential for smaller, more fuel efficient energy generation systems.

  • improve thermal performance of construction products and protection of oil & gas installations.

  • enable automotive and aerospace materials and components to be used in harsher environments.

  • help increase anti-microbial characteristics of textiles, walls and other surfaces in sterile environments.

Coatings Image - metal object with yellow paint


It is clear there are plentiful drivers for ensuring coatings are appropriately selected and applied to many products in diverse sectors. However, users are confronted with a bewildering array of commercially available products, with coatings manufacturers often claiming to have the best performing products. In addition, distributed supply chains can also give rise to a lack of control and a reduction in quality, whilst at the same time, customers continue to demand increased performance. This, along with a lack of in-house knowledge and expertise in coatings and paints, often presents challenges to our member companies.


Coatings Image - Laboratory

As an extension to your own resources, TWI leverages its lengthy history in coating materials research & development, and along with sophisticated instrumentation and test capability, can help address the above challenges. We are your independent resource, and are here to help you identify and test the best product for your application, evaluate contractor performance, advise on paint specifications, optimise deposition and cure characteristics, and help analyse and rectify underlying causes for coating failures.


Coatings Image - red paint


Should you seek more information or support in these areas, please contact us at TWI's facility in the North East of England.

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