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Joining in the spotlight - Connect

Rob Scudamore

'TWI is supporting a drive aiming to bring together a network of like-minded organisations in the areas of Joining technologies including traditional welding processes. As an action supported by the EC, I see the Joining Sub-Platform as a great opportunity for companies to influence the direction of government funding, especially where there are opportunities for innovative research collaboration'. Robert Scudamore, Associate Director & Group Manager - Joining Technologies

Manufacturing has been highlighted as one of the areas for stimulating the economy and supporting the 'Europe 2020 Strategy'. To support this, the growth and competitiveness of manufacturing in Europe has to be addressed. 'Manufuture', the technology platform implemented to support this action has spotlighted Joining as a key enabler to manufacturing and has urged the development of its strategic direction. This has stimulated the creation of the Joining Sub-Platform with the purpose of developing a coordinated strategic approach in the field of Joining, including traditional welding methods.

Moving ahead towards the European Commission's (EC) Horizon 2020 funding programme, Joining will require significant research and innovation in order to align itself with developments in current, new and emerging markets, technologies and materials. For this to happen, a wide range of input from industry, academia and other stakeholders is required.

The Strategic Research Agenda for influencing EC research has been drawn up and contributors are now being sought to have their say.

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