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Munich venue for Aerospace meeting - Connect - September/October 2012

Munich aerospace meeting

Munich was the setting for the recent 6th TWI-EWI Seminar on Joining of Aerospace Materials, with 60 people (not all shown here) from 11 countries attending the event, supported by MTU. There were a wide range of presentations from major industrial and academic organisations on TIG, hybrid-laser MIG, laser, linear friction, friction stir and electron beam welding processes and simulation techniques, as well as talks on additive manufacturing (wire + arc and laser), coatings development, laser and shot peening, laser paint stripping and laser brazing.

The conference dinner was held in the aircraft museum (Flugwerfth Oberschleissheim) and was a fitting setting, and the proceedings finished with a tour of the MTU facility and their engine museum. Richard Freeman & Becki Parratt of TWI would like to thank Karl-Hermann Richter and his colleagues at MTU for their support of the event. The 7th TWI-EWI Seminar on Joining of Aerospace Materials is scheduled to take place in the USA in September 2014, and is likely to take place on the West Coast.

More details will follow in due course, and for more information on TWI's aerospace activities you can contact Richard Freeman

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