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TWI helps with manufacture of pressure and vacuum vessels

We have recently been asked by our members to manufacture several pressure and vacuum vessels. These are used for a variety of purposes, including externally pressurising sealed units for leak testing, high pressure permeation testing with corrosive gases, and vacuum/high pressure impregnation of liquids into permeable substrates to name but a few.

At TWI we have the specialist expertise in-house to design, manufacture, test, certificate, and operate these vessels to our customers' needs and required specifications. This allows us to operate as a one-stop shop and maintain control over quality and delivery time frame.

Firstly, the design process requires us to calculate all the parameters for the vessel, not only to ensure that it meets our member's needs but most importantly that it meets and exceeds all HSE requirements. This information is given to our highly skilled CAD team to model the required features and produce manufacturing drawings for our precision tool makers. All the materials for the vessels are sourced from specialist companies and after the components have been manufactured the vessel is welded according to the initial calculations, by our certified welding specialists. Once the vessel is complete, all components are checked, seals fitted and then it is then ready for testing. The testing, as with all of the above design and manufacturing processes, is carried out at TWI by our team of experts. The vessel is subjected to an over-pressure hydrostatic test and is held at these pressures to check for leaks. Having passed, the vessel is signed off and certified as fit for use.

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