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Aerospace industry panel

Connect no. 168


TWI held its 35th Aerospace Panel Meeting on 15 September 2010, with attendees from the UK, Japan, USA, Brazil, Germany, France and Sweden.

There were TWI presentations on microwave curing of composites, cold spray forming for additive manufacture, developments in high brightness laser processing and EB welding of crack sensitive materials.

This was supplemented by excellent presentations from MTU, GKN Aerospace and BAE Systems.

Two Group Sponsored Meetings took place the previous day and there were several meetings between Industrial Members and TWI staff during the week.

The next Aerospace Panel Meeting is scheduled for 16 March 2011, with two Group Sponsored Project Meetings due to take place on 15 March and a linear friction welding seminar planned for 17 March.

Details will follow in due course and more information can be obtained by contacting Richard Freeman, the Aerospace Industry Sector Manager at

For more information please email: